Facebook will allow UK election campaigners to run fake ads

Facebook has confirmed to CNN Business that a controversial policy that allows politicians to post fake ads on Facebook will extend to the UK, foreign media reported. It is reported that the United Kingdom next month will usher in a general election. Nick Clegg, a Facebook executive and former deputy prime minister, backed the policy, while he complained during the 2016 Brexit referendum about the spread of online “lies.”

Facebook将允许英国选举竞选人 投放虚假广告

Facebook’s policy means the company will not conduct fact-checking of ads from political parties in the UK and thousands of candidates for the House of Commons. It also confirmed that political ads such as the pro-Brexit leave.EU would be subject to fact-checking.

The same policy has drawn strong opposition from Democratic presidential candidates, Congress and even some Facebook employees in the United States. The censorship also prompted its Silicon Valley rival, Twitter, to announce that it would stop accepting political ads next month. Google’s YouTube, however, allows the Trump campaign to post fake ads. Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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