2019 Norwegian plug-in cars account for 56% of new car sales: Model 3 top sales

Beijing time on January 5, the morning of January 5, according to OFV data, electric vehicles continue to dominate Norway, the country’s share of electric vehicle sales rose from 31.2% in 2018 to 42.4% in 2019, indicating that electric vehicle sales increased by nearly a third a year. Combined with sales of plug-in hybrids, about 56% of new cars sold in Norway in 2019 will be plug-in vehicles.

Tesla (443.01, 12.75, 2.96%) boosted sales in a record year, and Tesla’s Model 3 became Norway’s most popular car in 2019.

Tesla has been the country’s best-selling brand for months. But by the end of the year, Tesla was finally lagging behind vw. Volkswagen topped the list, with Tesla trailing VW by less than 1 percent.

2019 Norwegian plug-in cars account for 56% of new car sales: Model 3 top sales

But the Tesla Model 3 is the country’s most popular single model, replacing the 2018 leading Nissan Leaf. Model 3 itself has an 11% market share in Norway and sold 15,683 cars, more than 50% more than the second-place Volkswagen Golf.

Norway is a big seller of electric cars and has been ahead of other EU countries since the Leaf began selling in Europe in 2010. By the end of the year, Germany had finally overtaken Norway in sales of electric cars, but Norway remained the world’s largest buyer of electric cars per capita.

Norway’s overall car sales fell 3.8 percent, despite rising sales of electric cars. Sales of plug-in hybrids fell 27.3 per cent last year, suggesting that Norwegians are more willing to use all-electric vehicles and reduce their gasoline consumption. Diesel car sales fell 13.1 per cent and conventional hybrid (non-plug-in) sales rose 7.5 per cent.

The worst results came from petrol car sales, which fell 31.4 percent. This is probably because petrol cars are usually small and are therefore most likely to be replaced by electric cars.

Building on this success, Norway plans to ban the use of new petrol cars by 2025. But if this growth rate continues, they won’t have to bother.

Forecasts by OFV and Norway’s largest network of car dealers suggest that about 50-60% of new car sales in Norway could be electric by 2020. A number of new electric cars will be on the market next year, with most carmakers focusing their electric cars on Europe to comply with tough new regulations aimed at curbing climate change.

THE OFV ESTIMATES THAT SALES OF ELECTRIC CARS IN NORWAY COULD BE HIGHER IN 2019 IF MANY BUYERS WERE NOT WAITING TO BUY NEW ELECTRIC CARS. The company also believes that more new models will be available in the coming years.

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