“Minecraft” creator Notch will open a new studio

Markus Persson, one of Minecraft’s creations, is considering creating a new studio and is seeking input from the players’ community via Twitter. Minecraft has two creation sins, Notch and Him. Among them, Notch founded Mojang Studios, which followed Minecraft more completely, and later sold Mojang Studios to Microsoft, earning tens of billions of dollars.

Such a legendary career experience naturally caused many developers and onlookers to be red-faced, and even some developers have publicly asked Notch for money and felt obliged to sponsor other independent developers unconditionally.

But after a period of ups and downs and a period of silence, Notch now seems to have a creative appetite. In a recent tweet, he asked his followers if they wanted him to develop a free mini-game or set up a studio to create a perfect commercial game.

“In theory alone, do you want me to develop free mini-games on my own, or do you want to start a business game when I start?”

“The question itself is to figure out which option makes me happier. I feel like I’m riding on the wall right now, and I’m in a dilemma. But maybe I have the answer deep inside, and I’ll find it. :)”

Notch’s fans are also polarised, with some wanting him to continue his experimental little project and try to create a new genre that is on par with Minecraft. But there are also players who want him to follow Kojima’s career path and believe that his vision can be more fully realized with the support of large-scale development resources.

Notch sold Mojang Studios in 2014 while temporarily taking a stop to the game development line, only occasionally participating in discussions in the gaming industry. Microsoft has also unceremoniously removed Notch’s name from the main page of Minecraft (reserved only on the list of game developers) and has not invited Notch to participate in Minecraft’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

Microsoft’s development and investment in Minecraft is evident, and they even implemented cross-platform connectivity to the PS4 platform in the latest mine update of Minecraft.

In short, it’s good to see Notch consider a return to the game development line, whether he chooses the lone wolf mode or the cooperation mode, look forward to seeing his next creative play.

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