Chinese IBM engineer killed in robbery: U.S. cafe snared as a high-risk site for robbery?

The 34-year-old Chinese IBM engineer was killed on his birthday in Auckland, the city of sin. On December 31, 2019, a Chinese engineer, Zeng Shuo, was robbed at a Starbucks in Oakland, California. According to CNN, Zeng Shuo was working on a computer at Starbucks when his laptop was snatched away and Zeng Shuo was dragged and killed after being dragged into the car of the two suspects. According to witnesses at the scene, he suffered serious head injuries and bruised face.

Chinese IBM engineer killed in robbery: U.S. cafe snared as a high-risk site for robbery?

Zeng graduated from Sichuan University in China before studying physics at Kansas State University in the United States. CNN reported that Zeng moved to the Bay Area in 2015 to work for IBM. The day of his misfortune was Zeng Shuo’s 34th birthday.

At present, the police have arrested two suspects, aged 22 and 21. Two robbers suspected of robbing Zeng and causing his death have been arrested and charged with murder and robbery, local television station Kron4 reported. Both suspects were “recidivists” and were convicted of theft in 2017, ABC reported.

In addition, local residents put tributes on the windows of Starbucks coffee during the incident, and white flowers were laid for Zeng.

Chinese IBM engineer killed in robbery: U.S. cafe snared as a high-risk site for robbery?

Robberies are common in bay cafes due to the mix of people entering and leaving the area. Unlike the relaxed and relaxing coffee-shop environment in the country, foreign cafes are always the place where crime takes place.

In March 2016, a 44-year-old man from Toronto met at a Starbucks store and planned to sell his Rolex watch, which was worth C$34,000. But the man was attacked in the store by a stranger and a backpack containing a Rolex watch was snatched away.

One case in 2017 was extremely similar to the one. Dave DePoris, a well-known Musician in Auckland, was robbed of his computer in a cafe. He was towed by thieves to recover his stolen laptop and died of his injuries after being taken to hospital.

Auckland has always been known as the “capital of evil” and is a city with a “high risk factor” with a high crime rate.

Oakland’s number of violent crimes ( murder, rape, robbery and assault) has continued to decline in recent years, but remains one of the country’s more dangerous cities, according to fbi data released in October 2018. Of the nation’s cities with a population of more than 100,000, Oakland has the 14th highest violent crime rate.

Of the 20 most populous cities in the country, San Francisco has the highest per capita property crime rate in the United States, with 6,168 crimes per 100,000 people, an average of 148 thefts, robberies and arsons per day.

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