China’s first Ka-on-Board Internet plane successfully tested

Beijing time, January 5, 2020, with qingdao Airlines B-8442 aircraft safely landed at Jinan Yaoqiang Airport, China’s first deployment of Ka on-board Internet civil aviation aircraft test flight success. As the first domestic airline to deploy ka on-board high-speed Internet, Qingdao Airlines responded to the call of the Civil Aviation Administration of China for “truth service” to meet the growing demand for air services for passengers by building a high-speed “air Internet”.

China's first Ka-on-Board Internet plane successfully tests

The test model is the A320 passenger aircraft, the aircraft is installed in the domestic high-speed satellite interconnection system – XstreamSAT, by Shandong taigu Aircraft Engineering Company to carry out the modification construction.

The system is an important part of The Innovation Connect by FTS, a company that provides in-flight network infrastructure for airline passengers, cabins and aircraft connections.

The system can be fully adapted to¬† Zhongxing 16 and other domestic high-throughput (HTS) satellites, each aircraft bandwidth of up to 150Mbps. The technical program conforms to the international mainstream civil aviation electronic industry standards, to meet the regulatory requirements of the relevant departments, and when the Civil Aviation Administration of China is completed, Qingdao Airlines will join forces with Tiandi Connect, China Weitong and Feitian to take the lead in putting the aircraft into commercial operation and providing “high-speed Internet in the air” services for the vast number of passengers.

As a leading provider of in-flight connected systems, FTS has provided in-flight “innovative connectivity” capabilities to airlines in multiple regions around the world.

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