German media: excluding Huawei leads to serious consequences, 5G construction will delay for many years

Despite Germany’s decision in October not to ban Huawei’s 5G, the recent policy has been disrupted and there has been a murmur in the German government, leading to the possibility that Deutsche Telekom could abandon its 5G contract with Huawei for 530 m. German media said the consequences of blocking Huawei and even China’s 5G manufacturers would lead to a multi-year delay in 5G construction.

German media: excluding Huawei serious consequences 5G construction will delay for many years

Germany’s Le Monde newspaper recently commented on the problems germany faces in 5G construction and manufacturer selection, pointing out that excluding Huawei will affect the 5G development of operators, which in turn will lead to network construction time, investment costs and other issues.

In Germany, there are three telecoms operators – Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telecom Telecommunication , which now employ a number of suppliers to spread risk and avoid relying on a supplier, with Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone choosing Huawei, Ericsson and Telefonica, Huawei and Nokia. It can be said that the three major operators have not abandoned Huawei.

All three operators are working with Huawei because it is a recognized 5G industry leader, with more investment and research and development in 5G than Nokia and Ericsson combined.

Once Huawei is excluded from 5G network construction, the operators say, Germany’s 5G network construction could be delayed for several years because Nokia and Ericsson technologies outside Huawei are somewhat behind Huawei’s.

Even more tragically, even if Huawei or Chinese manufacturers are banned, most of Nokia and Ericsson’s 5G hardware are made in China, and Le Monde says there are no suppliers to participate in 5G in Germany.

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