Agency predicts domestic Tesla Model 3 could sell for as little as $197,000

Recently, a well-known domestic brokerage issued a research report shows that after Tesla adopted the domestic supply chain, the domestic Model 3 will have 27% to 34% of the original price on the basis of the price, the lowest price or as low as 197,000 yuan. In fact, in 2019, Tesla has completed the construction of the Shanghai Super factory and the localization of the Model 3 model at an “amazing” pace in China.

Agency predicts domestic Tesla Model 3 could sell for as little as $197,000

In the first three quarters of 2019, Tesla delivered 255,200 vehicles worldwide, more than in all of 2018, according to securities daily. Of these, Model 3 delivered 208,200 units, accounting for 82% of total sales.

In particular, Tesla’s Revenue in the U.S. was $3.127 billion in the same period, down 39.08 percent from a year earlier, while in China, Tesla’s revenue in China was $669 million, up 64 percent from a year earlier. It was thanks to a strong performance in the Chinese market that helped Tesla turn a profit in the third quarter.

According to Tesla, the domestic Model 3 will be officially delivered on January 7. Unsurprisingly, CEO Elon Musk will be at the delivery ceremony for the day’s owners.

According to the brokerage report, because the production costs of the domestic Model 3 model than the U.S. version of the model 20% to 28%, so the gross margin of the domestic Model 3 is significantly higher than the U.S.-made Model 3 model.

Reporters note that the current domestic Model 3 subsidy after the sale price of 299.05 million yuan, if according to the price reduction of 27% to 34% calculated, the domestic Model 3 minimum price or down to 197,000 yuan. In this way, the domestic new energy vehicle brand will undoubtedly usher in a positive impact.

Not long ago, Tesla China officially announced that the domestic Model 3 officially reduced the price by 32,000 yuan. Superseded with a state subsidy of 24.75 million yuan, the original price of 355,800 yuan of domestic Model 3 standard battery-renewed version of the model, the final price was pulled down to 300,000 yuan below the range.

Although model 3 will significantly pull down the price, so that the domestic consumers, but according to the reporter observed that the current domestic suppliers mainly concentrated in the powertrain system, central control system and charging system three areas, and in the core supply chain, participation is not as high as the outside world imagined.

For example, in the powertrain section, although China’s lithium compound and metal lithium producer Yanfeng Lithium Industry (Hong Kong stock 01772) entered the Tesla supply chain, but mainly provides automotive battery raw materials lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide.

In contrast, in key components such as lithium battery packs, local battery packs from domestic Tesla models began production at the end of December, featuring Panasonic and LG products; It is even more difficult to find Chinese suppliers.

In this regard, a senior automotive analyst told reporters that Tesla compared with other new energy vehicles and traditional automotive supply chain systems, with component procurement three-year lock price, system high degree of outsourcing, high automotive electronic intelligence category, as well as apple-like industry chain demonstration and other obvious characteristics. Multi-pronged, not only to the parts enterprises to a thicker profit space, at the same time greatly save the company’s operating costs, promote the development of the automotive electronics industry chain.

He said Tesla had built up its supply chain system from scratch, providing quality endorsements to a new batch of parts suppliers. The future will certainly bring “demonstration effect” to the traditional fuel vehicle enterprises, traditional electric vehicle enterprises and new forces of vehicle construction.

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