KDE feature updates in 2020

Although New Year celebrations over the past week have reduced development activity, KDE developers managed to complete a significant number of developments in the first week of January 2020. KDE developer Nate Graham describes some of the new projects of the New Year in his blog, including:

KDE feature updates in 2020KDE feature updates in 2020

KIO now exposes remote locations through fuse mounts so that non-KDE applications can access data. This will improve the experience of popular applications such as VLC, Blender, and LibreOffice that want to access remote locations, and make KIO as functional as GNOME GVFS.

A thumbnail preview of the cursor file.

The KDE Plasma notification system allows users to reply to messages such as chat applications online.

The alt-tilde shortcut that switches between the open windows of the current application will now run on Wayland.

If you rename the trash can, Dolphin will no longer crash.

Improved Elisa music player.

KDE feature updates in 2020

For more details, you can view: https://pointieststick.com/2020/01/04/this-week-in-kde-late-holiday-presents/

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