Samsung will show the results of the “virtual man” project to generate expression actions on its own

BEIJING, Jan. 6 (UPI) — Samsung is expected to announce its future “virtual man” project at Monday’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The mystery technology was revealed on the social media accounts of Samsung’s Neon division ahead of a keynote speech by Samsung’s consumer electronics chief, Hyun-Suk Kim.

Neon Virtual Man

Over the weekend, a Reddit user claimed to have found an unpublished video of the project in the site’s source code. Speculation was further fuelled when Pranav Mistry, Neon’s project leader, said on Twitter over the weekend that he was ready to demonstrate Samsung’s Core R3 technology at CES.

The leaked video has since been deleted, but it has been able to give an insight into the realistic avatar Neon is creating. The video shows a group of human-like people, but it’s unclear how much of it was computer-generated.

Mistry tweeted Sunday that Core R3 technology “can now create new expressions, new actions, new conversations (even in Hindi) that are completely different from the original captured data.” He showed two contrasting photos of the same woman, covered with code and other graphics.

Mistry recently shared his views on how “virtual people” fit into the world in an interview with Indian media.

“While movies may undermine our sense of reality, ‘virtual people’ or ‘digital people’ will become a reality. “Digital people can expand their roles as part of our daily lives: virtual news anchors, virtual receptionists, and even AI-produced movie stars. “

Although it’s not clear exactly what Neon is, the company has made it clear what it won’t be. ‘Don’t mix up with Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby,’ Neon wrote in a tweet last month.

“Neon has nothing to do with Bixby, and nothing to do with anything you’ve seen before,” the account read. “

Samsung has yet to comment.

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