Lenovo notebook mixed Samsung, domestic SSD official response: it’s common practice

The xiaoxin Pro 13 is a Lenovo recently cost-effective notebook, the processor has AMD Ryzen and Intel Ten Generation Core versions, but equipped with 2K resolution screen, 100% sRGB high color gamut, 90% screen proportion, Core i5 plus 8GB dual-channel memory plus core display , 512GB NVMe hard drives cost as little as 4999 yuan, AMD version is more cost-effective.

Thanks to this, this notebook has recently been very popular with players, but there are users found that different batches of SSD hard disk is not the same, early is Samsung PM981a hard disk, now many players get hands is the home-made SSD, many people are not happy, think Lenovo mixed SSD.

For this problem, Lenovo small new notebook today sent a long tweet in response to the practice of mixing SSD hard drives, saying that this is the industry’s general and must practice, Lenovo’s all product components are also multi-supply supply, SSD in the factory have passed Lenovo’s test, in line with official requirements.

In addition, Lenovo officials also announced samsung and Myemat SSD and other hard disk performance comparison, pointed out that the performance of The IMR SSD is no worse than Samsung PM981A and other products.

联想笔记本混用三星、国产SSD 官方回应:业界通用做法

Here’s the full official response:

Due to the supply strategy of important component resources, all product components, including SSDs, are multi-supply. The sNSDs for this small new Pro 13 (all versions) are mixed materials, including Samsung PM981a, Mein-Yin AH530, and Western SSDs. The above three SSDs are in line with the NVMe protocol PCIe x4 technical specifications, SSD factory before the overall performance of the machine has done the relevant tests and in line with Lenovo factory parameters requirements, quality assurance is also the same, and, different manufacturers SSD in the warranty policy no difference, but also please use with confidence. Since the Western Number SSD does not currently support the real-time online feature (always always connect), it is not imported in the small new Pro13.

The SSD write standard is endurance 512G 150TBW, 1T 300TBW. TBW refers to 1024GB of Write, which is w-finger edging volume. Now both Samsung and UMIS or other SSDs are meeting this standard.

In layman’s terms, the life of an SSD is expressed in terms of the amount of writes, because the amount of writes can be obtained through actual testing.

From the user’s point of view, the average average user writes a few G per day, in the setting of spec according to the daily write volume of 50G, 512G, 150TBW can be used about 8.4 years, 1T, 300TBW can be used for about 16.8 years.

Mixing materials for important parts is common and necessary in the industry, such as the iPhone A9 processor with different versions. At the time of production, sSD is “what’s the use of what”, the brand model used is not associated with the batch configuration. We have not promoted the Pro 13 using a single SSD material, in the official open-box evaluation of the Display SSD also pointed out that the screen display of the SSD for the “machine” configuration, the first batch of media evaluation machine because the same batch of retail prototype, the same material used, hope you understand, we will learn the lesson next time more detailed advance notice.

If you would like to learn more about the performance level of mymeah AH530:

Mymeah530 theoretical performance:

联想笔记本混用三星、国产SSD 官方回应:业界通用做法

The above is provided by our research and development of internal test results, although the continuous write performance is stronger than Intel 760p weaker than PM981a, but 4K small file reading and writing level is very good.

联想笔记本混用三星、国产SSD 官方回应:业界通用做法

We also tested the latest version of SSD common software CrystalDiskMark 7.0.0, Samsung PM981a continued write will still have a clear advantage, but not some of the network rumors so exaggerated, while the AH530 in SSD daily use of the most important small file read and write is not inferior to PM981a.

It is well worth noting that all SSD test scenarios need to ensure that the test machine configuration is exactly the same, the software environment at the time of testing is the same, and the background running software environment at test time is the same.

Mymeah530 Actual Experience:

联想笔记本混用三星、国产SSD 官方回应:业界通用做法

We measured several scenarios:

MyX AH530 is slightly less than PM981a in boot-in desktop and file copy,

Into the desktop than 760p and magnesium 2200 are faster;

PS open PSD speed and PM981a is very similar, weaker than 760p better than magnesium light 2200;

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey’s entry into the game is insensitive to SSDs

CS:GO into the game ah530 is still relatively fast, slightly slower than 1TB Intel 760p, stronger than PM981a and magnesium light 2200.

At the same time, the ah530 master and most of the mainstream SSD is the same, this small new Pro 13 amin-joint AH530 is used in the group ps5012-e12, South Asia’s dram, memory technology self-styled Toshiba chip.

If you still have questions about the parts and materials you purchased for pro 13, you can return them subject to seven-day unwarranted return requirements for each platform, please consult each sales platform for the specific return policy.

Tip: Return to buy a new machine We can not guarantee that the new sSD is using which SSD.

Thank you for your support for Xiao new, and we apologize for any distress you have caused during this offering.

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