100,000 Cambridge Analysis papers to be made public in 68 countries

Beijing time on January 6th, according tomedia reports, the now defunct data agency Cambridge Analytica leaked tens of thousands of documents will reveal the company’s internal operations. The company collapsed after the Observer reported that Cambridge Analytica had stolen 87m Facebook profiles.

100,000 Cambridge Analysis papers to be made public in 68 countries

More than 100,000 documents on 68 countries will be released in the coming months, revealing a global “massive voter-rigging infrastructure.”

Christopher Steele, a former head of MI6 and an intelligence expert, said that while Cambridge Analytica had collapsed, it could have been worse if bad behaviour was not properly punished.

Mr Steele said western authorities had failed to punish those who manipulated social and other media, and the result would be that, despite the revelations of the Cambridge Analysis and the eventual collapse of the institution, other more sophisticated manipulators would have the confidence to intervene in the election and sow the seeds of social division.

The document was published on New Year’s Day this year, when a Twitter non-real-name account named @HindsightFiles posted a link containing election material from Malaysia, Kenya and Brazil. The documents are understood to have come from Brittany Kaiser, a former Cambridge Analytica employee who later became a whistleblower.

“It is clear that our electoral system is very vulnerable to abuse,” Kaiser said after her decision to publish the document after last month’s UK election. I am very concerned about the US election, which will start later this year. I don’t think we do much to protect ourselves, and one of them is to get as much information as possible. “

The documents came from her emails and hard drives, and although she had submitted some material to the British Parliament in April 2018, she said there were thousands of pages of documents related to the depth and breadth of the affair, far beyond what was known about the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Mr Kaiser said the Facebook data scandal was just part of a larger global initiative that worked with some governments, intelligence agencies, business companies and political campaigns to influence and manipulate people, which would have a huge impact on national security.

Emma Bryant, a scholar at Bard College in New York who specializes in research campaigns, has also been exposed to some of the documents used in the study, saying that the documents currently disclosed by the media are only the “tip of the iceberg” of the whole thing. (Moon Heng)

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