Samsung push fingerprint updates for models such as the Galaxy S10 Third-party app recovery support still has to wait

Following the exposure of fingerprint vulnerabilities, some domestic APP suspended the Samsung Galaxy S10 and other mobile phone fingerprint payment, landing function support, involving Alipay, WeChat,, Bank of China and so on. According to the Gareth Community Oil, the National Bank Galayx S10, Note10 and other machines equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint identification have been received on November 1 on the fingerprint algorithm update patches, and Samsung stressed that the update can not be downgraded.

However, as of the time of writing, WeChat and Alipay have not yet restored the fingerprint function of Samsung-related models.

There are in-house group friends, WeChat as soon as next week to reopen, Ali side to postpone until November 13, that is, after the double 11 peak after the recovery.

三星为Galaxy S10等机型推送指纹功能更新 第三方应用恢复支持还需等待

This week Samsung Electronics celebrated the company’s 50th anniversary and shouted a slogan of another 50 years of glory, but the profit spree of 56%, coupled with the impact of the fingerprint incident, is still “a total of frustration.”

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