Ole B and Colgate’s smart toothbrush to be unveiled at CES

According tomedia reports, the annual CES exhibition is no shortage of “smart” connected gadgets, toothbrushes are no exception. Oral-B and Colgate will reportedly launch a new smart toothbrush product at CES this year: oral-B iO and Colgate Plaqles Pro toothbrush.

Ole B and Colgate's smart toothbrush to be unveiled at CES

Ole B has previously released several smart toothbrush products, such as the $220 Oral-B Genius X, which uses sensor data and “AI algorithms” to advise on the focus of brushing. Oral-B iO claims to have artificial intelligence and algorithms to “promote perfect brushing in all 16 regions for superior oral health.” This time, iO added a new “magnetic drive” that is responsible for the micro-vibration of the bristles. iO has seven different brushing modes and is connected to the mobile Oral-B app via Bluetooth to provide feedback to users about their brushing performance. It has a 12.5-day battery life, takes 3 hours to fully charge, and operates at 145Hz mobile speed.

Colgate unveiled its first smart toothbrush, the E1, in 2018, which is available exclusively on Apple stores and websites. The company’s new smart toothbrush will detect the build-up of plaque and other bacteria glued to the teeth, and says it will help improve users’ brushing by “providing accurate information about the mouth in real time.”

Neither company has yet provided information about the pricing or release of its smart toothbrushes.

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