Mac Version of IE5 celebrates 20th anniversary Developers express regret for agreeing to Jobs’ request

On the 20th anniversary of the Mac version of IE5, one of the program’s main developers has revealed how Apple’s Steve Jobs ignored the agreement and let Microsoft remove some features from its browser,media reported. The Microsoft IE5 Macintosh edition was announced at the Macworld show on January 5, 2000. Now, with its 20th anniversary, the program’s developer, Jimmy Grewal, has revealed how the influential program was developed and how he and his team regretted meeting Jobs’ demands.

Mac Version of IE5 celebrates 20th anniversary Developers express regret for agreeing to Jobs' request

“The MacIE 5 was built by a team of 40 talented and dedicated people from Microsoft’s MacBUSINESS division in San Jose, California,” Grewal wrote on Twitter. And help edify some of the features of MacIE 5, as well as the Mac OS X version. “

Mac Version of IE5 celebrates 20th anniversary Developers express regret for agreeing to Jobs' request

The design of the Mac version of the IE5 is reminiscent of the early OS X desktops, though Grewal says it’s a coincidence — at least for Microsoft.

“This ‘new look’ is strikingly similar to the Aqua interface that Apple later designed for Mac OS X,” Grewal continued. When we showed Apple the MacIE 5 in the summer of 1999, Jobs wasn’t happy about it. “

In a related blog post, Grewal quoted his colleague Maf Vosburgh as saying that their “new look” began with the idea of matching hardware and software. Vosburgh points out that his idea is that if you have a Bondi blue iMac, IE 5 will use the same color.

While Vosburgh said Jobs was interested in Microsoft’s design, Grewal told a slightly different story.

“Because at that time, no one but Apple knew Aqua, so (Jobs) couldn’t tell us what similarities it had to Aqua. Instead, he pointed the ire at Media Toolbar, another new feature of MacIE 5. This feature provides support for playing MP3 on the website. “

Media Toolbar is significant because it takes advantage of SoundJamp MP, which Apple is in the process of acquiring, and Apple is using it to build iTunes.

“Jobs insisted that we remove this feature because it destroyed QuickTime,” Grewal continued. It was released by Apple on iTunes’ name. So we removed this feature and deeply regretted it. “

At the January 5, 2000 launch, the Mac version of the IE5 demo appeared in Jobs’ keynote speech, instead of bringing Microsoft executives to the stage for a regular presentation.

“It’s an unusual request. The talking points were agreed, but to our disappointment, Jobs didn’t say anything about it,” Grewal said.

According to Grewal, Jobs instead “suggested” that the overall look of the browser was the result of using Apple standards.

But while Mr Jobs ignored the consensus and later regretted cutting the Media Toolbar feature, Grewal said he and his team were proud of the app’s birth. “The MacIE5 received a better-than-expected response at macworld conferences and in the media, probably because it looked great and was very similar to some of apple’s unreleased Mac OS X autonomous programs. We are proud of the work we’ve done, the praise from the critics, and the enthusiasm of Mac users, who have been unhappy in the past about Microsoft’s efforts to build Mac software. “

On March 27, 2000, Microsoft released IE5 for Macintosh computers, and the final version was released in 2003.

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