OnePlus8 Lite’s latest revelations confirm previously leaked design

OnePlus plans to launch exciting new smartphones in 2020, according tomedia reports, while the most talked-about OnePlus smartphone is its upcoming OnePlus 8 series. In addition, the company will launch the OnePlus8 Lite, which will be weaker than the OnePlus 8 and will naturally be cheaper. And the difference between the OnePlus8 Lite and OnePlus8 seems to be beyond the scope of the feature, according to the latest revelations.

两款手机的外形看起来似乎也会有一点不同–一个最显著区别就是打孔摄像头的位置,其中廉价一些的OnePlus8 Lite将顶部中间位置,而旗舰OnePlus8则位于左侧。

OnePlus8 Lite's latest revelations confirm previously leaked design

Another difference you can notice is the location of the camera module. The Rectangular Camera Module of the OnePlus8 Lite is on the right, while the OnePlus8 and OnePlus8 Pro’s intermediate aligned camera modules are on the left. The whistleblower also hinted that the module would be equipped with three cameras, alongside an LED flash.

The newly leaked image of the OnePlus8 Lite model confirms the previously leaked design. This means that the rumored specifications may also be true. If that’s the case, consumers will have a 6.4-inch or 6.5-inch AMOLED display with a fingerprint sensor under the display, a Type-C port at the bottom of the phone, a reminder slider on the side, and no headphone jack.

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