Fisker electric SUV Ocean will be lower than Tesla Model 3

Details of Fisker’s new SUV, ocean, have emerged over the past few months, with the electric car due to be unveiled this week in CES 2020,media reported. There have been messages about the California Model, the partnership with TheTy America, and the rental price of less than $400. The company has finally revealed the price of the electric SUV, which it revealed will be sold for less than other EVs — including Tesla’s Model 3.

Fisker electric SUV Ocean will be lower than Tesla Model 3

It is reported that The Fisker Ocean’s suggested retail price is $37,499. Taking into account the federal tax credit, the final price would drop to $29,999. Consumers can now book through the Fisker mobile app or the company’s website for a $250 booking fee. The initial fee of $250 will be either for full purchase and for the lease agreement, which costs $379 per month and is $2,999 at the time of signing.

For Ocean’s rental services, Fisker said in a statement that customers can choose to stay for one month, eight months, 22 months or more, with 30,000 miles a year. In addition, Fisker will provide insurance options through its mobile app, and vehicle repairs will be the responsibility of the car company. “Fisker will be responsible for picking up and dropping off vehicles when repairs or services are needed,” the company said.

Here’s a comparison: The model 3 standard battery life is currently available for $535/month, with 10,000 miles per year and an initial fee of $1,230.

Fisker electric SUV Ocean will be lower than Tesla Model 3

Fisker says Ocean is the world’s most sustainable vehicle with full-length solar roofs, recyclable carpets, vegan interiors and “eco-velvet” interior textiles. The company said it would also use waste rubber waste from tire production rather than throw it into landfills, and it was unclear how it would be disposed of.

Details of the car’s performance are yet to be determined, but Fisker said Ocean will be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack of about 80 kWh. The company aims to set its range at between 250 and 300 miles.

Fisker said the company has global manufacturing capabilities in the U.S., China and Europe and expects to produce more than 1 million cars between 2022 and 2027. Ocean’s platform will soon support the company’s other two Fisker car products, which are expected to be available in the coming years.

It is reported that

Ocean is expected to start production by the end of 2021, with the first deliveries starting in 2022, following its debut at CES this week.

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