To save the community from shrinking population: Free property in Sicily, Italy

Following the launch of a euro sale in Sicily, Italy, a small town in Cammarat has introduced a policy of giving property directly to $0 in an effort to save the community and attract new residents. The town’s mayor, Gambronone, said it would take three years to persuade local evicted owners to give the property to new residents for free, the report said.

Most of the properties given away are in disrepair and buyers must renovate within three years of purchase and pay a deposit of 5,000 euros, which will be refunded after the renovation. Young couples with children will be given priority and will receive an additional 1,000 euros if they move in and have children.

It is reported that there are more than 100 vacant houses in Kammarata, there are now more than a dozen available for sale, buyers have been allowed to convert it into a hotel or restaurant.

The mayor of Gambro pointed out that Kammarata was a historic city that was once vibrant, but now it is in decline as young people continue to grow into urban development.

With just 6,000 inhabitants, Cammarata is the largest town in Sicily with the longest-lived elderly.


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