28,000 flight attendants shout to Boeing CEO: Refuse to work on unsafe planes

On November 1, Boeing’s aircraft was again at risk. Following Southwest Airlines and Korean Air Korea, Qantas said cracks were found in the “fork” of three Boeing 737NG aircraft during a precautionary inspection of the aircraft. On January 1, Qantas confirmed that three Boeing 737 aircraft it operated had cracked in the “fork” section, which has been grounded. The Boeing 737NG, the next generation 737, includes 737-700, 737-800, 737-900 aircraft.


Boeing executive: I fully understand the concerns, it’s scary, there’s a crack in the plane.

U.S. media: “cracks” are the production process to produce flight pressure appear

The “fork” part is the main load-bearing element connecting the aircraft fuselage to the wing structure. According to the U.S. media, the cracks are actually created during the manufacturing process, and then cracks appear under the repeated action of the pressure of take-off and landing.

The Federal Aviation Administration has warned that more than 30,000 aircraft are likely to experience such problems. But Qantas said none of its 737NG operating cycles exceeded 30,000, while one of the aircraft found to have cracks had no more than 27,000. Australia called for the global suspension of the aircraft. In fact, according to South Korean media statistics, more than 1,100 Boeing 737NG aircraft operating around the world, 53 have been grounded due to “cracks” problems.

Boeing Executive: We don’t know if these defects affect safety during the aircraft inspection, and if so, we will ground these aircraft.


28,000 flight attendants refuse to board Boeing problem aircraft

The frequent discovery of problems on Boeing aircraft has drawn collective protests from U.S. flight attendants. “American Airlines’ 28,000 flight attendants refused to board an unsafe aircraft, and we call for as much safety standards as possible to avoid a repeat of the tragedy,” the American Air Flight Attendants Association said in a letter to Boeing’s chief executive, Reuters reported. “

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