The world’s first mass-produced L4-class driverless buses “on duty”

According to domestic news, the world’s first mass-produced L4-class driverless bus has been put into service in Foshan. The driverless bus can carry seven passengers and one safety officer per vehicle, and the car’s control panel is in the left front of the car, where the cars and pedestrians detected by the driverless bus can be seen in different colors.

According to the introduction, the car’s safety officer confirmed that the passengers are seated and fastened the seat belt, the operation control panel to start the car; Driverless buses follow the intended route and turn corners, and the experiencer feels significant braking and slowing down when confronted with vehicles and pedestrians. In addition, the car in the course of the journey, the passengers feel very smooth.

At present, driverless buses set up two sites, the National Sports Park and thousand-light lake, this section of the vehicle is relatively small. Members of the public can make an appointment through a small program or line up at the site to get on the bus, the whole journey is free.

According to the SAE international standard J3016, driverless drivers are divided into 6 levels, from L0 to L5, and “unmanned” is the stronger the attributes of automation:

Level 0 (drive by a person): This level is driven entirely by a person.

Level 1 (Driver Assistance): This level of vehicle controls some vehicle functions, such as dynamic stability control systems. Most modern cars are at this level.

Level 2 (partial automation): This level involves automation for at least two main functions. For example, some high-end vehicles offer active cruise control and lane maintenance work together, which we can classify as level 2.

Level 3 (Condition automation): This level of vehicle can be self-driving under certain conditions, but the driver can take over control of the vehicle if necessary. A class 3 self-driving car still needs a driver. The L3 is also the driverless type that most companies at home and abroad have invested in and developed, such as Tesla.

Level 4 (highly automated): This level of vehicle can always be in full control of its own, even without the driver. The L4-class driving car is designed to complete all complete and safe trips that monitor road conditions, but not all driving scenarios.

Level 5 (fully automated): This level is truly a fully autonomous driving system that can be comparable to human driving in every driving scene. In the near future, it can even drive on unnaved roads in extreme environments.

It can be expected that some tourist attractions and fewer pedestrian routes in china, equipped to deliver L4-class driverless cars, can significantly save labor costs. In addition, some parking lots in China’s intelligent parking system, logistics yard automatic logistics vehicle platform, also reached the L4 level. The commercialization of driverless vehicles is still vast, and we believe that in the near future, we will be able to truly enjoy the convenience and security of driverless driving.

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