Kirin team helps China Open Source Annual Meeting To Hold Open Source Operating System Forum

Thanks to Yu Kirin for delivering

The 2019 China Open Source Annual Meeting (COSCon’19), organized by Open Source Society, was successfully held from November 2 to 3 at East China Normal University (Zhongshan North Road Campus, Putuo District, Shanghai). As the industry’s most influential annual open source event, the event is huge. This Shanghai station with the morning summit of the main venue and 9 sub-sessions in the afternoon, for everyone to bring a new sharing event.

Among them, 9 venues include open source communities and projects, enterprise open source, open source operating system, open source education, open source hardware, women’s participation in open source, workshop/training camp, open source governance, and open source community and project meetings and lightning lectures.

麒麟团队助力中国开源年会 举办开源操作系统论坛

Kirin Desktop Operating System Leader, National Defense University Dr. Yu Jie produced and hosted the “Open Source Operating System Forum.” The speakers are all from the current mainstream operating system at home and abroad core technology, in addition to The Kirin community leader Liu Min, there are GNOME Foundation Executive Director Neil McGovern, The Bid Software Deputy General Manager Li Zhenning, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications Professor Chen Lijun, Linux Xuefeng Community Development Group member Shi Yanjin, ZTE Technology General Manager Cui Yunfeng, Wuhan Deep Degree Technology Product Manager Wang Mingdong, Huawei open source ecological expert Dr. Zhu Xing and Canonical product manager Yu Bang and other guests also brought wonderful theme sharing.

麒麟团队助力中国开源年会 举办开源操作系统论坛

Among them, Liu Min, head of research and development of Tianjin Kirin Company and head of the Yu Kirin community, shared the theme of “Introduction to the Open Source Community Contribution of the Kirin Team” at the forum. We introduced the Kirin team in the kernel, support, desktop environment, applications and other fields of contribution, in which kirin team in the openstack community’s contribution is ranked in the world’s top four, the first list in China, highlighting the strong technical strength of Tianjin Kirin company and long-term service open source community technology accumulation. The small partners on the scene are looking forward to the future planning of the Kirin team, and after the speech, they rush to ask questions.

麒麟团队助力中国开源年会 举办开源操作系统论坛

At 2 p.m. this afternoon, Liu Xiaodong, head of research and development at Yu Kirin and Aedda, will continue to participate in the “2019 China Open Source Annual Open Source Summit Roundtable” segment, which is essential for each annual meeting, and will continue to participate in the “Going Out, Bring In” topic. We discuss the expectations and cooperation needs of domestic enterprises for the International Foundation and the International Open Source Community, and the In-depth understanding and cooperation of the International Enterprise and International Open Source Foundation on the Chinese developer community and open source projects.

The open source event, supporting Yu Kirin’s Tianjin Kirin Company, also became a silver sponsor of this open source annual meeting, and Yu Kirin with the new UKUI desktop environment debut. UKUI is a lightweight Linux desktop environment, developed based on GTK and QT, and has received widespread attention both at home and abroad, and has been used by default on the Eu Kirin open source operating system and the Galaxy Kirin operating system. In the figure, Yu Kirin Liu Min explained and actually operated for the participants at the scene, showing the desktop environment and feature applications of the Yu Kirin and Galaxy Kirin operating system, so that the participants in the field experienced the stability and interaction of the new UKUI desktop environment.

麒麟团队助力中国开源年会 举办开源操作系统论坛

Open source annual meeting is coming to an end today, as the core start-up members and long-term partners of the open source community, the future will be the global open source community and other members, continue to uphold the local base, contribute to the global initiative, continue to increase community talent building and community contribution support, so that innovative technology in such an open environment to flourish!

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