Intel wants to go beyond the 8-core 5GHz with AMD’s “real performance” notebook CPU

AMD, Intel’s CES campaign has not officially started, but the competition has already started ahead of schedule – Intel in the 15 hours before AMD’s release to launch a warm-up campaign, announced the 10th generation of Core H-Series processors, claiming to let notebook CPU production also exceed 8 core 5GHz. The event was hosted by Ryan Shrout (Chief Performance Strategist, left) and Martyn Stroeve (Senior Director of Technology Marketing, right), and Ryan Shrout, founder and editor-in-chief of the PCper website, who knows the way to run and evaluate media.

Ryan Shrout has an idea that is more than real performance than the CPU, and he’s been at Intel for more than a year, and he’s been repeating it on a number of occasions, including the Taipei Computer Show, the Cologne Games Show, and so on. It makes no sense to think that (AMD’s proud) Cinbench running score, CPU evaluation still depends on the actual test.

Ryan Shrout and others didn’t release anything new at the event, but they used the actual test to abuse friends again, using the Core i7-9750H processor, Core i9-9980HK, and the Core i7-10710U processor for the thin and thin book to compare the AMD’s Ryzen 7 3750H, Rexon 7 3700U and other processors.

The results also need not say much, the performance of a big lead is not running, up to 100% more, after all, Intel’s processor is 6 or even 8 core, acceleration frequency is 4.5GHz-5GHz, and AMD side is actually 12nm process Zen-plus architecture.

Intel pre-AMD release before such a comparison, estimated that A rice will be very uncomfortable, but don’t worry, tomorrow morning at 6 am, AMD at the CES exhibition will have the same way, soon to use 7nm Rylong APU abuse once friends, the two are now calling each other, eat melons to see the play just fine.

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