HuaqiangBei’s successful crack of Apple’s AirPods Pro: pirated version begins shipping

In the early hours of October 29th, Apple quietly released its own 3rd generation of real wireless headphones AirPods Pro, the entire circle of friends have blown open the pot, this is currently the world’s most-watched real wireless headset using the in-ear design, the headset body and charging box is very small, with active noise reduction, environmental sound enhancement and other audio technology, At the same time support wireless charging, fast charging and other functions.

华强北成功攻克苹果AirPods Pro:山寨版开始出货

As early as early September, I Love Audio first broke the airPods Pro’s shell, and this new Apple headset, charging case and other looks were revealed. It can be seen that HuaqiangBei in the new products in the first few months before the listing has been 3D structural data, and developed a shell. And I love audio network from the supply chain learned that less than a week from the official launch of airPods Pro, Huaqiang Bei has successfully conquered Apple AirPods Pro, developed a one-to-one imitation, the pirated version began to ship. In terms of price, the pirated version of the AirPods Pro is expected to be around 500 yuan, only a quarter of the original original.

华强北成功攻克苹果AirPods Pro:山寨版开始出货

The original AirPods Pro uses Apple’s own H1 chip, a custom-made chip. Information from the source of the revelations can be seen that the pirated version of the AirPods Pro using THE QCC scheme, which is different from the Huaqiang Bei pirated mobile phone, pirated headset in the past using low-end chip, this pirated version of AirPods Pro is the use of the famous Qualcomm TWS headset chip, and is noise-cancelling chip. Qualcomm’s chips are usually seen in BOSE, SONY, JBL, MOTO and other well-known brands, and now even Huaqiang Bei has begun to adopt Qualcomm chips,  pirated market is also industrial upgrading.

At present, Huaqiang North pirated AirPods shipments are quite large, as many as KK-class (millions) monthly shipments. Many practitioners say the popularity has surpassed that of the year’s mp3 and mp4. pirated AirPods has become in recent years, Huaqiang North phenomenon-level explosive products, once eat a lot of upstream Bluetooth chip manufacturers’ production capacity, many of the original factory is ahead of schedule to complete the 2019 sales target, and many of the original factory has a shortage of stock situation.

With the upgrade of Apple’s latest iOS 13 system, many pirated AirPods have been unable to connect, but have now been cracked, thus making it more difficult for buyers to identify authenticity. Here I love the audio network to share a little trick for everyone, you can identify the authenticity of a trick. With the iOS 13 upgrade, Apple’s iPhone will support two AirPods at the same time, a feature That Apple calls a shared audio connection, and currently only genuine AirPods and Beats headsets.

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