Foreign media: the demand for electric cars is high, but most people still can’t afford it

At present, Tesla’s domestic Model 3 has been in the internal factory for small-volume delivery, and large-scale delivery will be tomorrow, many would-be owners are also looking forward to this. However, with the domestic model 3 full of expectations of the mood is different, there aremedia on the domestic Model 3 showed a different view.

Media: the demand for electric cars is high, but most people still can't afford it

According tomedia reports, Bernstein analytics agencies data show that China’s electric car market, the price of less than $100,000 of models accounted for more than 50 percent. Tesla last week cut the price of its domestic Model 3 to 323.8 million yuan from 355,800 yuan, a 9 percent drop, and the subsidized price dropped to 299.05 million yuan.

While Tesla has cut prices, China’s electric car market will not change much in the next two to three years, and prices are still high relative to China’s electric car market, said Robin Zhu, an analyst at Bernstein. And to borrow the words of Tesla founder Elon Musk, the market demand for electric cars may be outrageous, but people really can’t afford it.

Public data show that in November, China’s new energy vehicles fell by 42%, january-November cumulative production and sales of only a small year-on-year growth, full-year or negative growth. Domestic demand for electric cars may still be sluggish this year.

In response, analysts at LMC Automotive, a market research firm, said tough market conditions for electric cars could mean Tesla expects to sell only 21,000 Chinese-made Model 3models this year. It said the forecast takes into account Tesla’s history of mass production delays, potential supply chain constraints and the complexity of mass production of high-quality models.

To be sure, some Chinese consumers can afford the Tesla Model 3, but there is more than one Tesla model to choose from. This group of consumers may also become potential owners of Mercedes-Benz EQC and Audi E-Tron.

So while Tesla is now addressing all the tough issues of producing and delivering the domestic Model 3, how to boost sales in the current weak electric car market and the competitive car market is also Tesla’s most challenging task.

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