HTC’s 2019 financial results fall to 19-year low, with revenue at just 2% at its peak

Although HTC debuted its 5G Hub at mWC in early 2019, its 5G phones are far behind other manufacturers and the chances of a 5G rollover are slim. Today they reported revenue for 2019, with T$10.01 billion (about 2.3 billion yuan) at a record low since 2001.

HTC's 2019 results fall to 19-year low, with revenue at just 2% at its peak

According to HTC’s data, the company consolidated revenue in December 2019 was t$600 million, and consolidated revenue for the full year was T$10.01 billion, down 57.82 percent from a year earlier, while HTC’s revenue remained at T$15.55 billion in 2001 and was HTC’s worst year in 19 years.

Speaking of HTC, the intestinal powder sits not only with this former Android brother, but also for them to live very stable by contract work around 2000. Revenue soared from T$4.564 billion in 2010 to NT$15.55 billion in 2001, and since then it has seen its growth, with revenue exceeding T$100 billion in 2006, followed by Android phone growth, HTC’s performance is explosive, and in 2010 it exceeded T$200 billion.

In 2011, HTC’s performance hit a record high of T$455.1 billion in revenue, which is not bad today, nearly 100 billion yuan, to know Xiaomi’s 20108 revenue is only 174.5 billion, of which the smartphone business revenue of 113.8 billion.

In contrast to the changes in smartphones, 2011 was a turning point in HTC’s fortunes, when Xiaomi first launched a smartphone, Huawei also launched the first glory phone, when it was a specific model of Huawei’s handset, there is no independent brand, but Huawei’s mobile phone at that time far less than Xiaomi shine, 1999 yuan Xiaomi mobile phone almost shook the industry, but also became the benchmark of the flagship machine.

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