Island reading for new inspiration, “Death stranding” originally named “Dead Man Stranded”

More than two months after it went on sale, and even though sales may not be ideal, the latest work by Kojima is still the best game of 2019 in the minds of many media and players. Recently, “Death Stranding” game maker Kojima tweeted a sketch of the game, showing that “Death Stranding” was originally called “Dead Stranding” Deadman), the island itself stated this fact on Twitter.

Kojima tweeted: “I found this on my iPhone, a sketch of the early Death Stranding concept period of Shinkawa. There was no written script at the time, so I just verbally explained what the Warriors’ space was like. We used to call it Dead Stranding. ”

In addition, Kojima tweeted that he was looking for inspiration for new works in the book, writing: “I read a few books (neither science fiction nor fiction) and I used them as references to my new work, but none of them were books that really interested me.” Now, I’m going back to reading my favorite book. ”

Death stranding is now available on PS4, and the PC version of Death stranding will be available in the summer of 2020 and support Chinese Simplified.

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