Britain’s first astronaut: There may be aliens on Earth

Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut to go into space, says aliens exist and are likely to survive on Earth, the BBC reported on January 6. Dr. Sharman told the Observer that extraterrestrial life must exist somewhere in the universe. “Aliens exist, there’s no second possibility,” she said. She added that among the billions of stars, “there must be different forms of life.”

Britain's first astronaut: There may be aliens on Earth

Dr. Sharman, 56, made history when he went to the Soviet Space Station Mir in May 1991 and now works at Imperial College London. Sharman added that while aliens may not be made up of carbon and nitrogen as humans do, “they may be around us now, but we just can’t see them.”

In the interview, she also highlighted her disappointment at being the first British woman to go into space, not just the first Briton. “It shows that we will default to the first (British going into space) as a man,” she said. ”

Britain's first astronaut: There may be aliens on Earth

” (British astronaut) Tim Peake went into space and some people completely forgot about me,” Sharman said. Men’s priority is the norm, so I’m glad I messed up the order. Being in space, she says, “makes me realize that what really matters is people, not matter.” ”

She added, “There we have everything we need to survive: the right temperature, the food and drink, the safety.” I don’t think about the material wealth I have on earth. When we fly over certain parts of the planet, we always think of the people we love. ”

Dr Sharman was on the UK’s New Year’s Honours List for 2018 and was awarded the Order of St Michael and St George’s.

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