Western digital shipment 96-layer stacked 3D QLC SSD: 1.33Tb capacity density industry’s largest

During the new quarterly financial conference call, Western Data revealed that it had begun shipping products based on 96-tier stacked 3D QLC flash memory, the first for retail products and mobile SSDs. Western does not explain in detail what category the so-called “retail products” are, but according to the tradition of higher density NAND flash memory, it is almost certain that it is memory cards, USB drives, and so on.

西数出货96层堆叠3D QLC SSD:1.33Tb容量密度行业之最

As for when to launch the 96-story 3D QLC built-in SSD, The West Number is not said, but certainly at hand.

Western and Toshiba Storage (now known as Kioxia) co-developed a 64-story stacked 3D QLC with a capacity of 768Gb (96GB) as early as mid-2017, but no mass production because a year later, in mid-2018, Western Figure produced 96 layers of 3DC, Capacity increased to 1.33Tb (170GB), a new industry record.

Compared to 3D TLC, such a large 3D QLC can undoubtedly significantly increase the total capacity of solid state storage products, or reduce costs, but there has been no clear indicator of life.

In the third quarter of this year, 96-tier flash memory shipped capacity has exceeded 64 layers, of course, mainly TLC.

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