Xunlei X 10.1 Latest Release: Limiting global maximum simultaneous download spree

Thunderbolt officials released the latest version of Thunderbolt, including Windows platform Thunderbolt X, Mac Thunderbolt Thunderbolt X 10.1 primarily improves the experience, especially the addition of “Limiting the global maximum number of simultaneous download spands.” When we usually download resources, we certainly hope that the faster the better, but often lead to network card or even disconnect, set a limit download speed is not good, which is likely to be the download tool at the same time connected to the number of mirror resources, occupy more routing table capacity.

On some poor-performing routers, maintaining so many routing table items can cause the router to be overloaded, resulting in latency, packet loss, and even downtime.

Therefore, the new version of Thunderbolt X on the global maximum simultaneous download resources have made a reasonable limit. This option is filled in the right edit box after checking on Limiting the global maximum number of simultaneous simultaneous downloads after checking on “Limiting the global maximum and downloading resources” in the Download Management section of the Settings Center.

It is recommended to keep the network stable while keeping this value as large as possible, if the network card can be appropriately lowered.

迅雷X 10.1最新版发布:限制全局最大同时下载资源数

Other updates:

– Optimize the “Screenshot” preview experience

– “Download Diagnostic Tool” adds diagnostic description

– Chrome Thunderbolt Download Support extension supports live sync “Don’t take over download sites” list

– Fix several issues that could cause crashes

The new version of Mac Thunderbolt is dominated by regular updates, including:

– Support for backup mac Thunderbolt download records

– Supports detection and repair of damaged database files

– Add re-select subfile menu items to BT files with multiple subfiles

– Support for bulk copy download links

– Optimised way to open in-line pages

Latest download address for Windows Thunderbolt:


Mac Thunderbolt’s latest download address:


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