Analysts say 5G version of iPhone will be rolled out in stages

Last month, well-known analyst Guo Mingyu said in a research note to TF International Securities that he expects four high-end iPhones to be available in the second half of 2022,media reported. These include the sub-6GHz and sub-6GHz-and-mmWave models. Among them, the mmWave version of the iPhone will be available in five markets in the US, Canada, Japan, South Korea and the UK, Mr Kwok said.

In addition, he said, Apple may lower production costs by disabling sub-6GHz in countries that do not offer 5G services or have a lower 5G penetration rate.

Analysts say 5G version of iPhone will be rolled out in stages

But based on an examination of Apple’s supply chain, Susquehanna’s analyst, Mehdi Hosseini, has expressed a different timetable than Mr Guo’s. Hosseini believes the 5G iPhone will be available in two phases, with the sub-6GHz model to be launched in September and the mmWave model to be available in December or January.

The analyst said the delay in releasing the mmWave model was due to Apple’s decision to use its own antenna to encapsulate the module rather than rely on third-party vendors.

mmWave is the fastest 5G, which provides theoretical download speeds of more than 1 Gbps by utilizing the new spectrum. The Sub-6GHz is slower than mmWave, but it is still faster than 4G LTE and has a wider coverage that makes it more suitable for rural areas.

Hosseini also expects one of the 5G-enabled iPhones to feature an LCD display, while Mr Guo says all four new models will be equipped with OLED displays, one 5.4-inch version, two 6.1-inch versions and a 6.7-inch version.

As for which analyst’s prediction is more accurate only time will tell us the answer.