DnaNudge wristbands: create a wearer-only healthy eating alert system

According tomedia reports, a small change in lifestyle over a period of time may mean positive results for the body. It’s not a new idea, but Chris Toumazou, CEO of DnaNudge, is bringing it into the digital age. The company brought a related product, DnaBand, to this year’s CES. Dna Nudge is understood to have been developed by Toumazou and his team for three years, and they hope to provide a simpler way for people to make healthy choices when shopping based on their DNA.

DnaNudge wristbands: create a wearer-only healthy eating alert system

Wearables are now a well-known technology, but DnaBand is likely to be a pioneer in some new technology.

“It’s a familiar area,” Toumazou said of wearables. “

DnaNudge wristbands: create a wearer-only healthy eating alert system

Dna Nudge is a bit like a 23andME DNA test, which requires a cheek swab to start. The test does not require sending samples to be done in the field, which will take about 30 minutes. After the wearer’s DNA is extracted, it will be loaded into a capsule that can be placed in a Dna Band. The wearer can then use it to scan food.

By the way, it also has a companion mobile phone app so that the wearer can learn more about its unique DNA reporting information and get product recommendations.

“We didn’t keep any genetic information. We’ll study your characteristics and link them to the amount of nutrients in your product,” says Toumazou, a professor of engineering at Imperial College London. So if you have this particular DNA tendency, we’ll know which macronutrients you should or shouldn’t pay attention to before they are integrated into the applied barcode scan. “

In addition, DnaBand has eliminated the confusing interface. The device flashes red when the wearer ingests food that his DNA should not have consumed, and vice versa.

But Toumazou also wants to take the product a step further — in addition to a healthy diet that encourages exercise. For example, sitting for too long, the wristband will turn amber.

Currently, DnaNudge is only available in the UK, but Toumazou says the company hopes to launch the product in The United States soon.