Microsoft Cortana releases important update Cortana “to death”

Microsoft has released a major update for Cortana Beta, according tomedia reports. Cortana has now been upgraded to version 2.1912.18729.0, introducing a number of new features. We can now download Cortana (beta) on Windows 10 computers with 19023 and above installed.

First, Cortana’s main interface is divided into three subcategories (find, activity, and history), which is very simple and comfortable. Second, with regard to wake-up features, Microsoft has perfected the ability to launch Cortana by name. Microsoft also improved the settings for Cortana Beta by introducing a more responsive and aesthetically pleasing “hamburger menu.”

Shortly before Microsoft announced that the Cortana app on the iOS and Android side would exit all international markets outside the U.S., many believe Microsoft intends to terminate Cortana, a smart voice assistant project. Now, however, Microsoft seems to be just trying to completely refactor Cortana, so let’s look forward to Cortana’s Nirvana rebirth!