Audi AI: ME Future Mobile Concept Car: Using VR to “Escape” The City’s Traffic

According tomedia reports, Audi in ceS 2020 released the latest concept car AI: ME although not fully autonomous driving, but if you choose to let it self-driving then you can wear a pair of VR glasses to make dull city driving into a “flying” travel in the mountains. In recent years, with the introduction of the concept of self-driving, driving is no longer as fun as it used to be, when car companies have to think about what else they can offer, and Audi continues to continue one of its great features, comfort.

As you can see, the latest AI:ME is like a health cabin and relaxation center on the road.

First, it will look at the driver’s driving habits, including the usual driving routes and destinations, and each time the suggested route is calculated based on the current time and traffic conditions – as Audi’s multimedia interface (MMI) system has been able to do. Then it starts to get to know the driver, to know where he likes to seat, the temperature in the car, the radio or media options you like to listen to, the smell of the car, and so on. Once it’s done in this area, it automatically preloads these things. The car also appears to have some biometric monitoring that allows the car to react to the driver’s emotions, and if the driver appears to be dozing off, the lights in the car will turn into a blue “wake-up” mode.

The interior is simple and beautiful, with beige fabrics and wood accents giving a sense of being in an ultra-modern lounge. The manual control scheme is extremely simple, with half a steering wheel, a start button, gear selector, accelerator, brake pedal. When not driving, the steering wheel can also fold up into a small wooden tray, so that the driver can place other things such as notebooks on it.

The screen spans the entire front dashboard and is 122 cm long and 15 cm high. The eye control system allows people in the car to operate menus without having to use both hands.

In addition, the concept car has a built-in VR system. When the car turns on self-driving mode, if you don’t want to sit still, you can put on this VR display hood to put yourself in the midst of a VR experience that is close to nature, such as flying mountains and crossing forests.

All of the above is not hard to feel, Audi wants to do is through a high-tech urban transport ation system to make people feel happy and relaxed, so that they forget that they are in urban space.