Tesla Songgang: The end of the domestic Model 3 will achieve the localization of all parts

Construction in the year, production in that year, listing in that year, delivery in that year. Tesla China is on record again. On January 7, 2020, Shanghai Lingang, the domestic Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle was officially delivered to the outside world. It’s exactly a year since Tesla’s Shanghai plant opened. On January 7, 2019, Tesla’s Superplant in Shanghai’s Port-of-Harbor announced construction. On December 30, 2019, Tesla delivered its first home-made Model 3 to 15 internal employees, and January 7, 2020 was the first to be delivered to the public.

Original title: Musk is coming: Domestic Tesla officially delivers, Shanghai plant to build more models

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla, who arrived in Shanghai by private jet on January 6, Los Angeles time, was also present at the delivery site on January 7.

Tesla Songgang: The end of the domestic Model 3 will achieve the localization of all parts

“2019 has been a remarkable year for Tesla,” Musk said in his speech. “

Musk said Tesla’s Shanghai plant, the largest foreign-invested project and the first wholly foreign-owned car plant, had high hopes. Such a miracle cannot be created without the support of the Shanghai government. It is a good business environment for the Tesla Shanghai plant to be built and delivered quickly.

On January 7th, Wu Qing, a member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Committee and vice-mayor, announced that Tesla’s domestic model Y model had officially started production at the Shanghai Super factory.

Wu Qing said that the landing of the Tesla plant in Shanghai is the embodiment of the optimization of the business environment in Shanghai, the automotive industry is also the backbone of Shanghai’s strategic industry.

Last March, Musk unveiled a new generation of smart electric SUVs, the Model Y, at the Tesla Design Center in Los Angeles. The model is a compact SUV developed by Tesla, the fifth since Tesla’s launch in 2003. Tesla’s “SEXY” series is on the market.

Musk said at the scene that the Model Y is a consumer-affordable electric suv built by Tesla, just like the Model 3 is a volkswagen-oriented sedan, both of which are Tesla’s favorite car consumer market.

Tesla Songgang: The end of the domestic Model 3 will achieve the localization of all parts

Before the delivery ceremony began, Musk excitedly took to the stage for an impromptu dance, though the gesture seemed a little funny and clumsy, but it was hard to hide his excitement and excitement.

On the same day, Tesla delivered new cars to 10 Chinese owners from Wuxi, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai.

They buy Tesla for different reasons, some are Musk fans, some want to use the Model 3 as a birthday present for their wife, and some agree with the future of the way electric cars represent travel.

After the delivery ceremony, Musk also offered his vision for Tesla’s future. He said he was grateful to Tesla’s employees in China and to the owners who believed in Tesla and bought it. Before it was more expensive for owners to buy a Tesla, Tesla now wants to make the product cheaper and more affordable. Now that model 3 and Model Y are landing in China, more Model series may be produced here in the future, and there may even be a Chinese-designed Tesla.

A few days ago, on December 30, 2019, Tesla completed the first Model 3 for employee delivery. In an interview at the time, Song Gang, head of manufacturing at Tesla’s Shanghai plant, said that the current production at the Shanghai plant could reach 28 units per hour, with a daily operating time of 10 hours, and that the current weekly production of more than 1,000 units is expected to reach 3,000 units per week.

“Factories are working overtime almost every day to meet strong demand for orders. Song Gang said that this year is the use of single-shift production, next year will be changed to double-shift production, production will be doubled. The first phase of Tesla’s Shanghai Super plant has a capacity of 250,000 vehicles/year, with a total capacity target of 500,000 units/year.

In addition, Song Gang also revealed that at the end of this year, the domestic Tesla Model 3 will achieve the domestic replacement of all parts. At present, the localization rate of parts at Tesla’s Shanghai plant is about 30%, and it is planned to increase to 70-80% by July next year.

Tesla Songgang: The end of the domestic Model 3 will achieve the localization of all parts

And the localization of all parts also gives domestic Tesla further price reduction has brought imagination space.

On the evening of January 3rd, Tesla announced that the Model 3 made at its Chinese plant would be delivered on a scale date of January 7. At the same time, the company’s official website shows that the Model 3 manufactured in China will be reduced from 355.8 million yuan to 3238 million yuan. If you add 24.75 million yuan of new energy vehicle subsidy, the price will be further reduced to 299.05 million yuan.

Wang Pingyang, an analyst at Dongwu Securities, believes that Tesla’s auto sales are expected to grow significantly and the relevant electronics industry chain companies are experiencing important development opportunities, driven by the combination of domestic Model 3 price reduction, Tesla’s Shanghai super factory capacity construction exceeding expectations and plans to produce new models ahead of schedule.

Tesla just released fourth-quarter delivery data showing that a record 112,000 electric cars were delivered worldwide, well above Wall Street expectations and meeting CEO Elon Musk’s previous full-year sales target. Wall Street had expected Tesla to deliver 106,000 electric cars in the fourth quarter, meaning the company could meet its annual delivery target of 360,000 to 400,000. 、

Tesla’s shares continued to rise on January 6, helped by more than expected electric car delivery data, and by the close of trading on January 6, the company’s shares were up 1.93 percent at $451.54. At the closing price, Tesla’s market value is $81.4 billion.