OtterBox launches smartphone antibacterial screen protector for $50

Smartphones have become a daily necessity for many people, and the surface of the phone may also be filled with bacteria during use, according tomedia CNET. Previous studies have shown that the number of bacteria on smartphone screens exceeds the number of toilet seats. But the new screen protector shown by OtterBox and Corning at CES 2020 has added EPA-registered antimicrobial technology to prevent the presence of bacteria in large numbers.

OtterBox launches smartphone antibacterial screen protector for $50

An OtterBox spokesman told CNET that the screen protector will kill 99.9 percent of the surface bacteria. The glass is treated with silver ions, which provide antibacterial protection. The spokesman said it was the only EPA-registered screen protector on the market. This lightweight product looks like another screen protector on the OtterBox and Corning markets.

At CES, OtterBox provides tests for my CNET reporter Alison DeNisco Rayome by wiping cotton swabs on its surface and conducting ATP tests that measure active microorganisms.

The bacterial condition on the phone screen. Although Alison had just cleaned the screen the day before, her phone screen failed the test and scored 469 RLU. Scores below 100 RLus are considered qualified. The pass limit for hospital operating rooms is 100, while the pass limit for patient rooms is 250.

The bacteria-proof screen protector, which will go on sale in the first quarter of this year, will cost $50, the same as the Standard Amplify glass of the OtterBox. From now on, the company says, all standard Amplify glass will have antibacterial technology.