Chrome will replace notification pop-ups in a more “quiet” way

Today, users receive messages even if they do not interact with the site. That’s why more and more websites are sending pop-ups for subscriptions when users visit, a feature that leads to a poor user experience and complaints. To address this issue, Google announced that, starting with the Chrome 80 release, it will replace the existing pop-up form with a more “quiet” notification rights UI to reduce the interference of notification rights requests.

The new UI is available on both the desktop and the mobile side, and there is a dialog box to help use when first enabled. On the desktop side, the Notification Blocked text slides out quickly in the address bar and shrinks to a crossed bell icon. A message appears on the mobile side that appears up from the bottom.

At that time, users can manually opt in to the new user interface in Settings, Website Settings, and Notifications. In addition, Chrome automatically enables a quieter UI in two situations, either for users who typically opt out of notifications and for sites with lower acceptance rates.

Currently, the feature is being rolled out through beta, Dev, and Canary channels and can be enforced in Chrome 80 with chrome://flags/#quiet-notification-prompts. The stable version will continue to collect user feedback after its launch to further improve the functionality and user experience.