Google Assistant will push new features: articles can be read aloud in 42 languages

Google is “previewing” a new feature on its Android phone on CES that could be turned into a powerful screen reader,media outlet The Verge reported. When you say “Hey Google, read it carefully,” it will find the main text on any page or article you’re viewing and read aloud.

Google Assistant will push new features: articles can be read aloud in 42 languages

Screen readers aren’t new on phones, but Google says it’s improved Google’s ability to parse sentences so it can read them at a more natural and user-friendly pace.

However, the most interesting feature is that users can also ask Google Assistant to read content aloud to you in another language, up to 42. Users can hear an example of how a sound can try to sound more natural by parsing the sentence patterns in google’s promotional video for the feature:

If a user grants Google Assistant permissions, it will always be able to parse what’s on the screen. The feature was introduced in 2015 and was called “Now” even before Google Assistant existed. Primarily, the feature is designed to allow users to take Google-based actions, such as searching based on what’s on the screen. Since its launch, however, the feature has not dominated Google’s user interface.

This new on-screen reading feature may change this, but it may not last a minute. Since this is only a preview, we don’t know when it will be released. Google says it is also looking at ways to automatically scroll through pages and automatically highlight text as Google Assistant browses.

Although the feature is only a preview, Google can use Google Assistant to translate instantly in more real-world environments. Google calls it “interpret mode” because it uses the traditional Google Home Smart Display and sets it to always translate by default, so it can be used in places like hotel desks. This year, “interpretmode” will appear in google’s more partners, including Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport, some airport lounges, banks and several new hotels. Google also works with Mercy Corps to provide interpretation models for its charitable work.