Japanese drone start-up Aeronext unveils Flying Gondola concept at CES

Japanese drone start-up Aeronext has become the latest company to showcase the concept of “flying cars” at CES with its automatic single-seat passenger drone called Flying Gondola,media outlet Techspot reported. It’s more of a glimpse of the future than a consumer-oriented product, but could it be a decade of personal transport?

Japanese drone start-up Aeronext unveils Flying Gondola concept at CES

Flying Gondola uses Aeronext’s so-called Tiltbody technology to keep the passenger cockpit level at all times, similar to the way the cockpit on the Ferris wheel is always level with the ground. A series of eight rotors across two wings will allow vertical take-off and landing.

Although future iterations will be able to carry multiple passengers, Aeronext presented a 1:3 scale model of its single-seat aircraft at CES. The company said its focus on its “air cable car” was safety and comfort.

Aeronext did not say how much noise the eight rotors might make. This may not be a big problem for passengers, as the pod can block a lot of noise, but this is something that onlookers must worry about.

Of course, none of this will be a problem any time soon. Aeronext’s chief marketing officer told ExtremeTech that it could take another decade to find Flying Gondolas in the air. At the same time, the company is focusing on controlled environments such as theme parks to test and refine its technology.