CES Sustainability Category Innovation of the Year: Hydraloop Indoor Water Cycle Unit

According tomedia reports, anyone who has read The Dunes knows that water is precious, and even though people are far away from the despair of the desert planet Arakis, it is undeniable that water on Earth is more precious year after year. In response, products made by the Dutch company Hydraloop could help. This residential water recycling system has won the Innovation of the Year award in the CES 2020 Sustainability Category.

CES Sustainability Category Innovation of the Year: Hydraloop Indoor Water Cycle Unit

Hydraloop is understood to be able to recycle about 95 per cent of bath water and 50 per cent of washing machine water – which accounts for about 85 per cent of household water – and reuse it in toilets, washing machines, swimming pools, gardens or other places where drinking is not involved.

The self-cleaning unit, which saves 45 percent on water use and sewage emissions, does n’or she doesn’t need to replace the membrane and has lower maintenance costs, According to Hydraloop. Instead, it uses precipitation, flotation, dissolved gas flotation, foam fractionation, UV disinfection, and aerobic bioreactors to treat water that needs to be put back into service.

Interestingly, since Hydraloop keeps water at room temperature, it also provides energy savings. The company says the energy-saving measure alone could reduce energy consumption by up to 600 kWh per year.

If the unit detects a component failure, the entire system shuts down and stops the flow of circulating water. In addition, the device is equipped with a smartphone app that users can use to monitor Hydraloop’s operation, while larger houses and hotels can handle more throughput by running multiple units at the same time.

It is clear that such a device will not be cheap, the price will probably be about 4000 dollars.