Huaqiangbei clone “Airpods 2” Review Report: 90% Similarity

Speaking of the recent hot spots in the tech world, there is no doubt that Apple has unveiled the airpods Pro, a new true wireless Bluetooth noise-cancelling headset, but the price of the new headset sits as high as 1999 yuan has left many consumers with a high price. In fact, not only is the Airpods Pro expensive, the former Airpods 2 is now also 1200 yuans, which is not the average person can afford the price.

At this time, there are many people in China found business opportunities, to Huaqiangbei as the representative of the clone manufacturers launched 90% similarity to the re-engraved version of the clone Airpods. Recently we spent 195 yuan to start a new October version of the clone Airpods 2, and with the genuine made a professional comparison of the review, let’s take a look at  clone Airpods 2, can do how much of genuine Airpods 2.

华强北山寨“Airpods 2”评测报告:90%相似度 苹果也无可奈何

Originally for clone airpods of last generation, Huaqiangbei has made a batch, but some time ago there was a very hot news, said ios13 update will  block   the clone airpods, and then searched  the Internet and someone said that can be used as usual, And now the clone Airpods are also updated with the times to the second generation, so we opened pindduoduo, to see how much this 195 yuan to buy the clone airpods can be imitated to what extent?

The “fake” AirPods 2 generations are distinguished mainly by built-in solutions, roughly divided into:

Low-level entry level (19.9-99 yuan): basically a clone  or old version of the scheme, the appearance of work at a glance can see the truth and false.

Entry level (100-150 yuan range): the difference between the appearance of work and genuine is not big, the built-in scheme is unknown (estimated to be realtek ), matching connection support pop-up window, but the power of the headset is always 100%, battery storage power is always 50%, support the left and right ear alone use, with optical ear detection, take off automatically stop.

A-level (150-200 yuan): airoha 1526 or jieli 6936D solution, jieli 6936D version supports wireless charging, appearance ok and  differentce with the genuine is mainly in the details of the gap, perfectly cracked the matching connection when the pop-up window, headphones and battery compartment battery power alone real display, left and right ear free switch, Supports optical in-ear detection and touch.

A-level (200-300 range): airoha  1536 (U/P different improved version), with All the advantages of A-level, known as the original shell material, original horn, the appearance of the difference between workmanship and genuine is small,.

A-level (350 yuan): basically flat A-level materials, but the built-in solution for the higher performance of Qualcomm QCC5100.

, although they are all clone airpods, but the chip inside is also divided into several levels, different chips out of the quality is also much worse. Here I made a simple summary, you can see. Because a colleague has also bought  jieli chip before, said the experience is very poor, then we are buying the more popular airoha 1536U-2 chip. If you really want to buy, remember to see exactly what chip you’re using.


华强北山寨“Airpods 2”评测报告:90%相似度 苹果也无可奈何

Well, when I got this clone thing, really was surprised by Huaqiang bei, almost exactly the same appearance as the genuine, but! The details are true

华强北山寨“Airpods 2”评测报告:90%相似度 苹果也无可奈何

The most obvious is the feel of the lid, loose and collapsed, the key seaming work is relatively poor.

华强北山寨“Airpods 2”评测报告:90%相似度 苹果也无可奈何

The printon on the lid is different.

华强北山寨“Airpods 2”评测报告:90%相似度 苹果也无可奈何

The charging contacts inside the box are different.

华强北山寨“Airpods 2”评测报告:90%相似度 苹果也无可奈何

After I opened the writing wheel eye, I also found that the edge of the genuine charging port is CNC-cut aluminum material, and the cottage airpods are chrome-plated plastic.

In terms of weight, the second generation of single only 4g, Luda single only 3.5g, wearing feel a little lighter.

Well, the appearance has done more than 90% of the similarity, Huaqiang bei long live!

Can  it work with ios13?

Let’s see where we care,  can it be used with iso 13? The answer is: it works, and it works well.

华强北山寨“Airpods 2”评测报告:90%相似度 苹果也无可奈何

Our photographer’s iPhone x yesterday updated the latest ios13.1.3, found that is still available, the pop-up window display box and two headphones separate power, no problem; double-click the left ear exhalation siri, double-click right ear to pause music, no problem; remove the auto-pause music, put on auto play, no problem; open and close the antimagnetic function, no problem, the most powerful, wireless charging no problem.

But its light distance seems to be doing relatively poorly, and sometimes I sit still with my headphones on and it pauses…

Experience difference

The function is quite a lot, how about the delay? The Airpods II basically can’t hear the delay, but the delay of the 1536U will be slightly more severe, so what’s the difference? I just felt it might not be accurate, so I recorded a video with my camera and microphone. We use the camera to capture the picture, then with the bee microphone to capture the sound, with the stimulation of the battlefield shot to test, to see how far the sound and the picture is different. Because the video is shot at 25 frames per second, the time of one frame is 1/25s.

华强北山寨“Airpods 2”评测报告:90%相似度 苹果也无可奈何

Drag the video into the editing software Premiere to see that the second generation of airpods sound 6 frames slower than the screen, after simple conversion, the delay is 240 milliseconds, while the delay is 10 frames slower, the delay is 400 milliseconds. Of course, the actual delay will be a little smaller, because my tuning device itself is also delayed, so the two pairs of headphones delay gap, everyone make a reference on the line.

This gap feedback to the actual experience is: when playing the game airpods are basically not feel the delay, and the shanzhai products in the game delay is more obvious, even when watching the video there is a slight pair of mouth type.

The difference between sound quality and battery life

What’s next, what about the sound quality?

华强北山寨“Airpods 2”评测报告:90%相似度 苹果也无可奈何

Sound quality this thing is still relatively metaphysical, but overall can still hear the shanzhai Airpods 2 sound is not clear enough, just like the cloth, if the best sound quality of the real wireless Bluetooth headphones, note is true wireless, sound quality is 10 points, then Airpods 2 sound quality I can give 8 points, And the cottage I can only give 6 points.

Finally, talk about the battery time, airpods of the single voyage time is about 4 hours, the clone products  I used , is about 3 and a half hours, it is almost the same.


华强北山寨“Airpods 2”评测报告:90%相似度 苹果也无可奈何

Finally, let’s summarize ah, to tell the truth, the strength of Huaqiangbei really a little bit startled me, basically did 80% of the quality of the genuine , in addition to not yet in Bluetooth to set the function of double-click left and right ear, other functions basically authentic some of it has, of course, delay and sound quality is a little bit worse. But, only 195 yuan, what more  do you expect?

Now the price of the second generation of airpods is about 1200, the price of this thing is only ten or twenty percent, but to achieve 67 percent of the experience, really nice ! Although  i individually do not support clone products, this clone Airpods 2 does show very good product competitiveness.

华强北山寨“Airpods 2”评测报告:90%相似度 苹果也无可奈何

This time Huaqiangbei once again let us see the super imitation technology, and the price to achieve the lowest cost control capacity.

But blindly imitate its people’s business philosophy, has always been not the right way, but also lost the opportunity to become bigger and stronger.

Here we are not supporting everyone to buy clone products, just make a review to see how the strength of Huaqiang North, we as a media naturally or suggest that we more support the genuine, so as to promote scientific and technological enterprises to research and development and innovation, so that related technology development.

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