Former NFL star Jay Ajayi is now a FIFA professional player

Jay Ajayi, a former NFL star and Super Bowl champion, is entering a very different professional league, according tomedia reports. On Tuesday, major League Soccer (MLS) team Philadelphia Union Football Club announced that it had signed Ajayi as a FIFA professional.

Former NFL star Jay Ajayi is now a FIFA professional player

“Philadelphia has always had a place in my heart,” Agay said in a statement. “I was lucky enough to represent the city through eSports and become one of the first professional athletes to become a professional player. EMLS, which represents the Philadelphia League, combines two of my passions beyond football: football and games. I’m competitive, so you’ll see that I’m going to give all my energy to Philadelphia United at every eMLS event this year. “

Ajayi, 26, played for the Philadelphia Eagles and won the Super Bowl in 2017; he was selected to the NFL All-Star Game that same year.

Although the shift of professional athletes to e-sports is a fairly new concept, the integration of eSports and traditional sports is an ongoing trend. Several athletes and teams own ownership of eSports clubs, and both MLS and NBA operate their own eSports leagues.

Ajayi will play in the 2020 eMLS Cup, which starts in Philadelphia on January 10.