HPV cervical cancer vaccine, is it necessary for men to fight?

Recently, the State Drug Administration approved the first domestic double-pricehuman papillomavirus vaccine (E. coli) (commodity name: XinkeNing) listing registration application. Developed by Xiamen University’s Xia Ningxuan team and Xiamen Wantai, the product is the first approved home-made HPV vaccine for women aged 9-45. Perhaps many small partners still have a lot of doubts about hpv vaccine knowledge, for example, how hpv is transmitted? Will HPV be given an adverse reaction? Do men need to fight?

HPV cervical cancer vaccine, is it necessary for men to fight?

HPV cervical cancer vaccine, is it necessary for men to fight?

Small editor today to give you a lot of questions, and take you to understand HPV.


Who is HPV?

The generic “cervical cancer vaccine” is actually the name of the “HPV vaccine” and can prevent infection caused by two (two-price) or four (quad) types of the virus. HPV is known as human papillomavirus, which is available in a variety of types. Low-risk types of infection can range from asymptomatic to skin and genital warts, while some types of HPV that can cause cancer after infection in the human body are called high-risk types, such as HPV16, 18, 31, 45, and so on. HPV16 and HPV18 account for 70% of cervical cancer caused by HPV infection, so these two are also the first to be introduced to prevent the vaccine.


Is there a high probability that HPV will be released from cervical cancer?

The relationship between HPV infection and cervical cancer can be found in the figure below:

HPV cervical cancer vaccine, is it necessary for men to fight?

(Photo: Wikipedia)

More than 90% of cervical cancers are caused by high-risk HPV infections, and cervical cancer ranks second among women in the world (first and largest in breast cancer). But not all high-risk HPV infections can cause cervical cancer. In fact, even if infected with HPV, healthy adults have a good chance of removing HPV from their bodies with their autoimmune. However, HPV infection, especially high-risk infection, is still not to be ignored, because it still has the possibility of cancer-inducing, and has become the main cause of cervical cancer. In fact, not only cervical cancer, HPV infection can also cause cancer in other parts of the place, such as vulva, vagina, anus, penis and even the mouth and throat.

Yes, you’re not mistaken, and men may also get cancer because of HPV infection. Although men are much less likely to develop cancer from HPV infection than women, why put themselves and their partners at risk when they are preventable?


How does HPV harm the Quartet?

It’s not a dump, HPV is spread through intimate skin mucous membrane contact. The most common mode of transmission is sexual contact, including contact between the genitals, the anus and the mucous membranes of the mouth. That’s why people who don’t have sexual contact with others don’t have to get vaccinated — they directly avoid the route of HPV transmission. There are also less common forms of HPV transmission, such as medical-borne transmission and mother-to-child transmission, which cannot be ignored.

However, from HPV infection to the occurrence of cancer is not overnight, usually can take years to more than a decade. In the early stages of cancer, if treated in time, more than 90% of the five-year survival rate can be obtained.

Therefore, if sexual contact is carried out under close protection, and regular physical examination of the population, it is possible to monitor the infection to achieve cervical cancer prevention, without having to bear the risk of the side effects of vaccination, even if the probability is very low.


I heard that the HPV vaccine is also a double-edged sword? 

Before the HPV vaccine went on sale in China, news that Cervarix, the HPV vaccine developed by GlaxoSmithKline, caused side effects in Japan.

HPV vaccination has been in the United States for many years, as the government recommended or even free vaccination of one of the vaccine, its adverse reactions are not high enough to require special attention. However, when the Japanese government introduced and popularized vaccination steam throughout the country, Japanese women have been reported to have adverse reactions due to HPV vaccination, and even some women who have been seriously affected by adverse reactions to their lives have taken the Japanese government to court. Although the vaccine production company investigated the incidence of high regional adverse reactions, it did not reach a conclusion. At the same time, the Japanese government has suspended the initiative to promote the HPV vaccine.

HPV cervical cancer vaccine, is it necessary for men to fight?

The first two-priceD HPV vaccine approved by mainland China, also the “Shirisi” that causes adverse reactions in Japan (photo: http://www.yijiaqin.com/space-709864-do-blog-id-497809.html)

Although the development and production process of the vaccine are strictly monitored and will be tested in animal trials and multi-stage clinical trials before they go on sale, even vaccines that have been widely used after many years cannot guarantee 100 percent safety due to the differences in their physical condition. For diseases that are difficult to control, such as measles and polio, extensive vaccination is the best choice for the entire human population.

However, HPV has its particularity, one is the transmission route can be controlled, and the other is pathogenic, fatality rate is not as high as measles, polio and other viruses. In such cases, the impact of adverse reactions to the vaccine is magnified. Therefore, the effectiveness of the HPV vaccine is not significant for low-risk people with regular physical examinations and non-sexual contact. For people who are sexually active and fail regular check-ups, the HPV vaccine is an effective barrier against cervical cancer.

So, is the cervical cancer vaccine going to be fought or not?

1, you see this topic from a variety of hot-button media, before do not understand “HPV” and “cervical cancer”, and is likely to be in the hot search leaderboard after this topic will quickly forget – strongly recommended injections

2, you pay attention to their own health, sexual contact are fully protective measures, regular physical examination, strict implementation of the annual or every other year to do cervical cell smear examination – if you can maintain healthy habits, then there is no need to inject

3, you are addicted to abstinence or desire, life has never had sexual contact with others before, and will not be prepared to have – no need to inject

Of course, getting the HPV vaccine doesn’t mean you’re getting cervical cancer exemption. Vaccines are now available to cover only a fraction of the HPV type, and some rare high-risk types can escape the vaccine. In addition, although the vast majority of cervical cancer sons are caused by HPV infection, a small number of cases still originate from other causes. So even if the vaccine is given, the tests should be done as much as they should be.

HPV cervical cancer vaccine, is it necessary for men to fight?

HPV infection causes cancer in all parts of the body (Photo: wikipedia)

Additional question

Do you want to re-inject HPV in five years?

Because the vaccine is still short-lived, the study of vaccine expiration date is also limited. Existing studies will not be less than 5 years of samples into a “long-term” group, but when the vaccine will fail, it remains to be verified.

Additional Question Two

Is the subtype of HPV vaccine prevention abroad the same as in China?

Some people who want to go abroad for hpv vaccine worry that the subtype of vaccine prevention abroad is different from China’s, which is completely unnecessary. Because epidemiological studies show that HPV16 and HPV18 also account for about 70% of HPV infection stoic infections in cervical cancer in China, this is almost entirely consistent with foreign statistics.