Ivanka attends CES 2020: Call edgy champion of innovation

Ivanka Trump, America’s first daughter, appeared at a CES event and spoke about the White House’s focus on teaching job seekers new skills in response to future job changes,media reported. Although Ivanka received some cheers and applause during the event, the crowd was largely silent during the 30-minute keynote speech. Ivanka was found to be co-chair of the U.S. Labor Policy Advisory Board, which is made up of CEOs of technology companies such as Apple and IBM.

Ivanka attends CES 2020: Call edgy champion of innovation

“It’s not just training for the future. People need to think about investing in existing labor so that they can do the same thing with different devices in the future,” Ivanka said. “

But she acknowledged that “most federal training programs don’t work” and called on private companies to invest in teaching new technologies and developing educational programs.

At the event, CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro also appeared on stage and joined Ivanka on how the U.S. government is trying to work with private-sector leaders.

In addition, Ivanka noted that she has been working on a national workforce strategy, which is expected to be announced in the coming months.

In addition, Ivanka, 38, asked the board to develop what she called an interoperable learning record. “We need to use technology and data to get information on the iPhone. “

Ivanka attends CES 2020: Call edgy champion of innovation

The Trump administration is understood to have a list of policies that it wants human resources departments in companies across the country to ensure they don’t inadvertently screen out qualified job seekers.

Ivanka added that four-year universities were not for everyone and that the government wanted other ways, such as apprenticeships.

She also made it necessary to introduce more science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) priorities to American schools.