OV Hwaexample glory and other domestic Top5 mobile phone brands fully support “calling” Microsoft xiaobing

On January 8, the vivo phone unlocked the “call to xiaobing” capability, and the user said the password “call xiaobing” to the own Jovi voice assistant, whose voice assistant function was “taken over” by the xiaobing. This means that Microsoft xiaobing has completed the collaboration with all domestic mobile TOP5 brands – Huawei, Glory, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo – to launch the “Call Xiaobing” product form in its products.

Microsoft has been implementing the Dual AI strategic plan since the previous year. Dual AI is a semi-open ecological idea in which xiaobing can be transformed into various forms while maintaining its relatively uniform independent identity.

At the 2017 5th generation Microsoft xiaobing launch, Microsoft announced that xiaobing has partnered with Xiaomi IoT’s open platform to control all 35 smart devices on Xiaomi’s home platform.

In December 2018, the built-in Xiaomi “Little Love Classmate” mobile phone and the smart hardware device that has been connected to Xiao love open platform began to gradually join the “call to xiaobing” capability. These devices include Xiaomi’s full range of phones (built-in V3.5 or later Xiao love students), Xiaomi AI speakers, Xiaomi’s Xiaomi speaker mini, Yeelight voice assistant, and more.

On December 26, 2018, Huawei’s Smart Voice Assistant Xiaoyi in the AI Speaker supported “Calling Xiaobing” and honored YOYO Smart Speaker to launch the same function in early 2019. All Huawei and Glory mobile phone users upgraded to EMUI System 9.0 or more can enter “Call Xiaobing” in a negative-screen search.

On August 28, 2019, THE OPPO ColorOS’s built-in smart assistant Breno unlocks the call of xiaobing.

On September 4, 2019, Xiaomi announced that the entire mobile phone system and smart speaker system had been unlocked.

Through the Dual AI strategy, Microsoft has installed 450 million third-party smart devices, making it one of the world’s largest cross-cutting artificial intelligence systems.

In many countries around the world, Microsoft’s single brand has reached 660 million online users, 900 million content viewers, in the interactive scene significantly expanded, Microsoft xiaobing and users of the average conversation wheel (CPS) remains at 23 rounds.