Microsoft applies new patent for smart fabric products

Foreign media reported that in the next few years, the smart fabric market is expected to show huge growth. According to the rapid development of various research and development fields, the increasing popularity of intelligent fabrics will make the greatest contribution to its future growth. The main tech companies that have joined the smart fabric trend are Google, Apple and Samsung. They are currently laying the groundwork for their smart fabric products. Now it seems that Microsoft also wants to join the ranks.


A new Microsoft patent released by the USPTO last month offers some insight into the company’s smart fabric technology. The smart fabric, patented as “Electronic Function Yarn”, discusses how electronic function yarns are distributed between non-electronic function yarns. In short, Microsoft envisions a cloth that incorporates modern computer-based technology.

Although the patent appears to be smart shirts using smart fabric technology, the technology also applies to several other devices that include the outer surface of textiles.

Smart fabrics can be found in almost every industry, including sports and fitness, healthcare, automotive and transportation, home and architecture, protection and safety/military, fashion and entertainment.

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