“007: No Time to Die” First Dramatic Photo Exposed Bond Looks Alert With Hurt on Face

“007: No Time to Die” officially released the film’s first scene, Daniel Craig played by James Bond wearing sling pants, look alert face and wounds, this should be his part in a mission.

《007:无暇赴死》首张剧照曝光 邦德神情警戒脸上带伤

Fans were interested in Bond’s new look and teased it. One fan said: “I’ll definitely buy this dress when it’s officially on the shelves, and I’d like to see more pictures, but why does Bond look like he’s just come out of the farm?” And fans quipped: “This is a testament to the fact that he just set up the barn.” “Many 007 fans love Daniel Craig’s new look in the movie. Although Bond wasn’t as handsome as he used to be, the fans had a heated discussion.

《007:无暇赴死》首张剧照曝光 邦德神情警戒脸上带伤

“007: No Time to Die” is about Bond’s retirement and enjoying a quiet life in Jamaica. But his old friend, CIA’s Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), comes to the door for help, asking him to rescue a kidnapped scientist, a mission that is more dangerous than expected, and allows Bond to find a trail of a mysterious villain (Rami Marek) armed with dangerous new technology.

《007:无暇赴死》首张剧照曝光 邦德神情警戒脸上带伤

“007: No Time to Die” has been officially released on October 26th, and more films will be released in the future, with the film set to be released in North America on April 8, 2020.

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