She discovered the “beauty of science”: Alumnus of Nanjing Foreign Language School abroad won the “Breakthrough Prize”

Just now, the reporter learned from the Nanjing Foreign Language School that the 2020 Breakthrough Prize was announced on the evening of September 5, 2019, Beijing time. Two Chinese scientists won the prize. One of them is Chen Huan, an alumnus from the South and an associate professor at the California Institute of Technology, who received the New Horizons Physics Award for her deep contribution to understanding the state of topological matter and its relationships.

她发现了“科学之美” :南外校友获“科学突破奖”

It is understood that the Science Breakthrough Award is based on the Life Science Breakthrough Award, the Basic Physics Breakthrough Award, the Mathematical Breakthrough Award, as well as the Physics New Horizons Award, the New Vision Of Mathematics Award, which aims to reward scientists who have made important achievements in the fields of life science, basic science and other fields, and provide them with more freedom and opportunities to help them achieve greater achievements. The New Horizons Award is awarded to promising young researchers.

According to reports, Chen graduated from Nanjing Foreign Language School in 2002, then attended the Department of Materials of Tsinghua University, then transferred to the Department of Physics, graduated in 2006 and obtained a bachelor’s degree, in 2012 received a doctorate in theoretical physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a postdoctoral researcher in theoretical physics at the University of California, Berkeley, from 2012 to 2014. He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Physics at the California Institute of Technology.

Chen’s research field is mainly the phase and phase change process in quantum multibody systems, which involves topological sequence, multibody system dynamics, polysemer network representation and its application in quantum information. Since she began her graduate studies in 2006, she has achieved many important achievements in the direction of quantum multibody systems in just over ten years.

The annual Science Breakthrough Award is currently the world’s highest prize for science, has been held for the eighth time, the cumulative prize of about 200 million U.S. dollars. The prize money was donated by Sergey Brin, Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg, Ma Huateng, Yuri Milner and Julia Milner and Anne Wasisky. Its jury is made up of previous winners in various fields. To recognize the world’s top scientists.

This summer, the ‘Return to Park’ public interview with South-field alumni Chen Huan. In the course of the dialogue, Chen Huan admitted that she did not want to be a scientist from a young age, began to do research when also depressed, confused, is a step by step self-understanding and exploration, is the inspiration and inspiration of the scientists around her, let her discover the beauty of science and the fun of research. She singled out the experience of studying outside the South, the diversity evaluation system outside the South. “It’s not just about who’s doing well, it’s about language, organizing events, performing shows, and so on.” So all the advantages of students can find their own good things. Teachers encourage everyone to develop their own personality, develop their hobbies. “This environment led her to be very understanding, until college did not decide which way to go. “And now it seems, it’s a very good thing, because people tend to grow up to a certain stage to find what they really like and what they’re good at.” “

“The impression of Chen Huan is confident, optimistic, all aspects are very good. Her learning efficiency is high, in the classroom is very focused, self-learning ability, know how to listen to their own hearts, adhere to do their own interestins, willing to do more to try, love the class, willing to answer questions for students, but also often engaged in physical exercise, sports, long-distance running competitions, volleyball league can see her figure. Chen Huan’s high school head teacher Chen Wei told reporters.

“Chen Huan students are graduates of the 3nd high school (1) class outside The South, and also the students of the first science experiment class in Nanforeign, remember to start the physics competition training, explain the relative movement, Chen Huan students’ solution is better than i. With her unique understanding of physical problems, she often uses creative methods to gracefully solve physical problems, which is impressive. Liu Yanming, Chen’s physics competition teacher, recalls.

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