Advanced Micro winning the bid 9 YMTC storage etching machine: Domestic flash memory with domestic semiconductor equipment

Ziguang’s YMTC in September 2019 officially mass-produced the country’s first 64-layer stack of 3D flash memory, capacity 256Gb, TLC chip, in 2020 YMTCe will further enhance production capacity, the end of the year will reach the level of 60,000 wafers per month, 10 times the initial production capacity.

Medium-micro winning the bid 9 Yangtze River storage etching machine Domestic flash memory with domestic semiconductor equipment

Expanding production capacity means buying more semiconductor production equipment, of which lithography machines can only rely on imports, but other equipment is expected to increase domestic procurement efforts. On January 2nd Shanghai Advanced Micro announced that it had won nine etching machines, compared with just 13 for the whole of 2019.

Etching machine is a chip manufacturing equipment, with photolithography machine, MOCVD and called the three key semiconductor production equipment, it is mainly used on the chip micro-carving, each line and deep hole processing accuracy is a few thousandths of the diameter of hair wire to one in tens of thousands of one, accuracy control requirements are very high.

For example, the micrologic device of the 16nm process has 60 multi-layer microstructures, and it takes more than 1000 process steps to overcome tens of thousands of technical details before it can be processed.

Advanced Micro CEO Zhai Zhixuan described: “In the micro-carving skills of rice grain, can usually carve 200 words is already the limit, and our plasma etching machine on the chip processing process, equivalent to can be engraved on the grain of rice 1 billion words level.” ”

At present, the 28nm, 16nm etching machine of Advanced Micro semiconductors has already entered TSMC’s supply chain, 5nm etching machine has also been successfully developed, is being tested in TSMC’s 5nm production line, which is one of the few breakthrough stakes in domestic semiconductor equipment.