HERE becomes a provider of overseas data and transportation information for AutoNavi Maps

On January 8th AutoNavi and HERE Technologies (“HERE Map”) jointly announced a partnership based on overseas maps and dynamic information services. HERE Maps will provide Data and Traffic Information outside China for AutoNavi, which enables users to provide global path planning guidance, positioning and travel-related services.

HERE becomes a provider of overseas data and transportation information for Gaudrea Maps

HERE San Francisco 3D Map (Instagram/official website)

At present, the two sides have been based on overseas map data and service optimization related testing work, AutoNavi map overseas travel services will be officially launched in 2020, the first batch of east and Southeast Asian countries.

HERE map provides data and traffic information, including self-driving, walking, public transport ation and other modes of travel guidance, but also based on location-based search of surrounding related points of interest, AutoNavi users overseas travel will not change the existing operating experience. The partnership also means that overseas merchants targeting domestic tourists have the opportunity to log on to the AutoNavi map and attract Chinese tourists.

AutoNavi map monthly living usersĀ  supassed 400 million, providing map information services, driving, public transport, cycling, walking and other modes of travel, covering navigation, shared travel, smart scenic spots and other fields. Wei Dong, vice president of AutoNavi Maps and general manager of AMAP Platform Business Unit, said that outbound travel has become an increasing number of Chinese holiday travel options, users’ overseas travel needs are growing, this cooperation is an important step on the road of AutoNavi’s internationalization.