Talk about how to escape Japan Goon Media Conference Highlights

On the evening of January 8th, Beijing time, Mr Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan, who had fled Japan to Lebanon during his bail, held a media conference to respond to questions. At the meeting, Mr. Ghosn gave a full-scale denial to Japanese prosecutors of missing out on personal income, transferring money to his sister, paying for a home, and detailing some of his experiences during the period of the charges.

Talk about how to escape Japan Goon Media Conference Highlights

Talk about how to escape Japan

‘I’m not going to tell you today how I’m going to leave Japan, and although you’re very interested in how I’m going to leave Japan, I want to tell you why I’m leaving,’ he said.

French government wants to increase Renault’s stake in Nissan

On Renault’s board, we were not happy after the French government wanted to increase Renault’s stake in Nissan.

Nissan didn’t want the French to point fingers, so it’s going to drive me away.

Mr Ghosn said the organizers of the plot included Nissan board members and people from the Japanese government.

The bank account has been emptied and any payments have been posted.

Mr Ghosn said all his accounts had been emptied, so any payment, if any suspect, should have been reported long ago, rather than in the prosecutor’s hands first.

Ghosn likened his “framed” attack on Pearl Harbor.

A friend once asked him how he had not noticed that he had been framed, to which Mr. Ghosn replied that it was like a “sneak attack on Pearl Harbor” – to see how the Japanese attacked the United States in a surprise attack in 1941.

Japanese law is in violation of human rights and is questioned for 8 hours a day while in custody

While in detention in Japan, he was questioned for eight hours a day without a lawyer, and Japanese prosecutors told him he would be worse off if he did not plead guilty and was forced to separate himself from family and friends. Ghosn argued that the Japanese legal system violated fundamental human rights, that the charges against him were not true and that he should not have been arrested.

I had no choice but to flee Japan.

“I’m not above the law, but I have no choice but to flee Japan,” Mr Ghosn insisted. “He also described at a press conference that day, “‘Escape’ is the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life.” “

Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi have now collapsed.

The alliance struck by Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, and has now collapsed, and profits have fallen. I don’t see any strategic leadership of them right now, and no one believes in this automotive alliance any more.

The following is the full text of Ghosn’s statement:

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for being here. This part Of this part I will speak in multiple languages, I would like to thank the media friends from France, we can imagine today is a very important day for me, first of all, I am also very much looking forward to, it should be said that every day in the future, there have been 400 days, especially since I was very cruel to bring out of their own world, It should be said that my family, friends and my own social circle completely disconnected from the Renault Mitsubishi.

I am free for the first time since November 2018, and it’s hard to put into words, especially some of my own feelings, and I’d like to thank me for the opportunity to reunite with my family and my loved ones, and today it reminds me of a day ago. I was also in front of the media and in front of japanese judges and prosecutors to complain about my own innocence, I was in handcuffs, and I was in court, I was in Japan, i should say that I was held in a single-family detention for more than six weeks, I have not seen my family for more than six weeks, A letter was shown to me by the lawyer.

In the past it should be said that in the course of more than 8 hours, I was tortured by the relevant Japanese authorities, no lawyer sat in the presence of any lawyers, I was completely unaware of the reasons for the charges, and they also spent a lot of energy to drain my human rights and my own energy, which is a great setback for me, And the prosecutor kept complaining about me, and you could go to see my video, and I was actually forced to confess some of my own crimes, and if I didn’t admit it, they would do something about my family and my loved ones.

I am also constantly fighting for my own innocence, whether to continue to fight or continue to look forward to one day can be free, it should be said that every day since then every month is so, there is no hope of an idea every day is increasing, it should be said that in the 130 days of detention I am also constantly fighting for my own innocence, It is also the first time that I have had the opportunity to share with you some of my own thoughts, especially since I was placed in a single cell 24 hours after i was detained, in violation of the United Nations human rights.

Speaking to you today, I will not tell you how I left Japan, although you are very interested in how I left Japan, I will tell you why I left. From the first day of the nightmare I was constantly hoping to defend myself, and i was very happy for me to be able to get out of my cell, and it was hard to put into words what I was going through, but I was very lucky that I wasn’t in Japan now, and I wanted to talk to you further about something, and let you find some truth, Instead of just listening to the people who accuse me, whether in Japan or not, the reality is completely different from what they say, and after that, we’ll find out what these realities are.

As you say, the Japanese system is a violation of fundamental human rights, and in my personal capacity, I stress that some of the mistakes in the Japanese judicial system, the allegations they made against me, were completely false and that I should not have been arrested at all.

First of all, to say that those who have supported me have been grateful, especially for their long-term defense of my reputation, in the hope of protecting my reputation and protecting my personality, should be grateful to these people, for the love they have given my family and my wife, my wife, my four children, my sister, my mother. They should all say that they have experienced a great deal of pain during the process, especially after they heard from the media that I was being held and detained, and they have also continued to express their regret and sorrow at the complaints made against me by the Japanese media and by the Japanese prosecutors and senior Nissan officials.

I’ve also seen a lot of my friends and anonymous supporters, and I’m grateful to the Lebanese government and the Lebanese citizens who never lost faith in me when I was detained, and they showed the world that although Lebanon is a small country, Lebanon still has a very large soul, a very big heart, They really have a sense of justice.

I also think that my lawyers around the world, they are also constantly putting their energy into it, constantly fighting the corruption system, which constantly suppresses my confidence, and on the first day I start to admit my guilt, especially I want to thank countries, Especially in Japan, some supporters of the support i have given me and hope to be able to complain about the injustice of the Japanese judicial system and the bureaucracy of the Japanese judicial system, throughout the system we can see that it lacks freedom and lack sin of justice.

Take a moment to mention Mr. Kelly, a good husband and father who was forced to go to Japan in November last year, where he was supposed to have surgery at home, and who was detained throughout the Japanese judicial system without any sign of trial and for four months. When my news caught the media’s focus, There was no way to feel the pain Greg was suffering, especially from the Japanese judicial system, and he was punished because he was an honest man and he and Halinada and others confessed to the crime. The Japanese government used very interesting information, and prosecutors and Nissan used some interesting information as evidence, continuing to stress that some of the evidence they have made is unfounded.

It’s hard to imagine the pain I’ve endured over the last 14 months, it’s fair to say that i, as an executive who has not been formally indicted by Nissan, i’m not going to stand on the law, but I want to be right for my name, for my rights, and I’m supporting just and just law, and I’m fleeing the process of political complaints. I think they’re also holding me in prison through a system like this, prosecuting me, not even bringing me justice, and I want to get away with it to protect my family, and I’m taking the risk of a fair and free trial in the future, especially those who want to prosecute me, There are some injustices to me.

What I want to say is that justice at this moment is no longer a concern for individuals, and this is the most difficult decision I have ever made in my life, but let’s not forget the judicial system we are facing right now, and their prosecution success rate is more than 90 percent. Their prosecution rate against foreigners has exceeded 90%, which is about whether it is fair or not, and we hope for a fair outcome, and the way they prosecute this system is entirely up to individuals, including Nissan executives and the plaintiffs in this prosecution, which should be said to be a complete smear of Japan’s own judicial system. It is also very serious to subvert the image of Japan as a modern city.

You might wonder why the prosecutor would expose some false information to the media in violation of this law, and i’ll show me why I’m innocent, why they haven’t even decided what the final trial date is after 13 months, and they’re constantly delaying the investigation. Why would they keep me in custody, they keep looking at some of my prosecution documents, why would they prevent me from going to a press conference or telling some information to the public or telling my own story to the public, why did they spend 14 months destroying my energy? Even by isolating my wife to control every act and step I have, I’ll give you some answers, I’m going to keep five topics, I’m going to say why this happened, how it happened, tell you what I’ve been through in the last 14 months, and the four prosecutions I’ve faced, Especially the prosecutor’s charges against me.

In fact, the reasons for these prosecutions are completely slanderous, some of these prosecutions have long been circulated in the media, from the official point of view is simply not strict approach, I will also tell you about the current situation of Nissan, including Nissan’s three main body how the situation.

First of all, the reason for this is why this is a conspiracy, and it is an organized conspiracy, and what is the reason? We see two reasons, and I’ll give you two main reasons. Why did this happen? First, Nissan’s performance began to decline in early 2017, and in October 2016, I decided to support the company’s overhaul from Mitsubishi’s future chairman, when they offered to let me be co-CEO, then appointed by the board, and they voted to select him as CEO. Fourteen months later they voted to oust him, and I worked for the company that died in 1999 for 17 years, saved the company, and then made it a top-6 car brand, which I completely forgot. As Chairman of Nissan, I’ve made a lot of money for this company, it’s going to grow again in 2018, because the CEO is not me anymore, and I believe there’s a point where these Asians will be put on the competitive stage, and that’s the first point.

Shareholders had been discussing Renault’s board for two years because the French government wanted to increase Renault’s stake and stake in Nissan, and then our Japanese was unhappy, not just the fact that Nissan’s leadership was unwilling to accept it, but also the pressure on the French side to give them a vote on nissan’s 15 per cent stake. But Japan’s 15% stake in Renault did not give them the right to vote, and I was the one who was the one who was best able to get them out of this mess, and they offered to get me back into the company, and unfortunately I accepted that they were the people in both companies who thought they were second-class citizens and wanted to put them together and make them a company, Let them feel that they are first-class citizens and that their descent can be returned to normal orbit.

Nissan side feel that if they do not want to have the French finger, the best way is to drive me away, in fact, in the Nissan work this period of time, Renault actually did not have a great influence, has been giving Nissan a high degree of self-control, but Nissan did not feel that, there has been no agreement.

Who exactly I’m talking about these people, I’m going to give your name to everybody, who organized this conspiracy, the board of directors, the members of Nissan’s board of directors, I can say who’s on the Japanese side of the government behind this, I can tell you, but I’m in Lebanon and I’m especially grateful to the Lebanese government for the hospitality that the Lebanese government has treated me, So I hope what I’m saying doesn’t cause any problems for Lebanon, so for the people behind the Japanese government, I don’t say his name, mainly I don’t want the Lebanese government and the Lebanese people to be bothered by my arrival, (the name) is the man behind this plot, there are a lot of people involved, But they should be the head, and the Tokyo district attorney, and I’ll mention a few names, including the history firm ANW, which Nissan appointed for me, which has been supporting their legal team for some time, Nissan’s performance decline and two new production lines before the problem, I was arrested on November 19, 2018, when I was no longer the CEO, but the president, the chairman of the board, and I was asked if you never mentioned that you hadn’t found any of these events, and didn’t find any information.

Will anyone have any predictions when pearl Harbor happens? Do you know any clues? I wasn’t in my own country at all, I didn’t understand their language, I really didn’t have any advance notice when they were planning this plot, I believe they were secretly planned, so when the incident happened I was very surprised, the whole world was surprised, I didn’t know at all, And the whole world knows I was arrested on the plane, no, I was arrested after getting off the plane, took the bus to the customs, and that’s when they took my passport, and the people from the Tokyo district attorney’s office told me you were going to put your cell phone away, and you couldn’t use your cell phone anymore, because I was very surprised, I told them I would at least call Nissan and ask my lawyer to be there, but I didn’t know that Nissan was the mastermind behind it, I should say I didn’t know the prosecutor and Nissan actually had a conspiracy, and then they took me to the detention center, and it should be said that from my arrest to my arrival in the detention center only five hours, It should be said that Nissan and the prosecutor’s behavior is nowhere to be seen, this is illegal behavior, but we can see that there are so many traces, so many hands behind the back to exercise this behavior, but no one can clearly see this behavior.

Nissan’s management actually had some people tell me that they had known about the company’s planning for me, which had been planned long before I was arrested, and I didn’t want to name any prosecutors or any officials here, but the prosecutor told me that when I arrested you at the airport, It’s about your tax evasion and tax evasion, what do I say about wages? He said the reason I arrested you was because you didn’t have enough pay, that’s what we pay you, especially in Japan, they complained that my wages were not declared, that the approval of the wages had not passed the board, and they sued me for that reason, which is a very magical thing, in many countries, Because you don’t have any reason to arrest me, this is not a criminal case, it’s not even a criminal incident, if you don’t declare it, I also asked my lawyer three weeks ago about a professor of the University of Tokyo’s relevant wage law, and that’s what the prosecutor did against me. I told this professor about it 13 months later and he said it was a shame, and they would arrest You, Mr. Ghosn, and I asked him to write it down, and he said it was a disgrace.

This is a sentence that the professor of corporate law at the University of Tokyo in Japan said, it is a disgrace and I will continue.

Let me tell you something, especially since I talked about 130 days in solitary confinement, a lot of time in solitary confinement and detention, a large amount of time in solitary confinement, 30 minutes of air time a day, 30 minutes of air time on weekends, no police officers on the weekend to review our detention, and the weekend may be even less. Every week there will be free time, and there is no medication available, including ongoing investigations and interrogations at night and during the day, without any lawyers present, and no one in my cell or cell speaking French or English, and the prosecutor told me from the beginning that you don’t play tricks with me. It’s good to be honest early, it should be said that there is no indication that they don’t want to bring me to justice, they want to build a very strong evidence that will lead to my prosecution and i will be prosecuted.

In fact, after my second arrest, a new prosecutor took office in Japan, and he was interviewed by the Japanese media, and he said, why don’t you allow Mr. Ghosn to communicate with the media, he said we don’t allow him to say anything to the media, and we’re going to prosecute him for some new crimes, and it’s an interesting process. He was able to communicate with the public and even bring me some new crimes, because you knew that yesterday was actually a very coincidental day, and they arrested me, they gave my wife another arrest warrant yesterday, you can imagine, from nine months, the prosecutor and the judge, they will be arrested for one reason, It should be said that nine months ago, nine months ago, and the day before i opened this press conference, they made a new complaint, my wife and I have been separated for nine months, there is no connection during this period, my wife is a very bold person, my wife left Japan after My arrest, Because the prosecutor said at the time why you left Japan, her passport and her computer had been confiscated because she wanted to leave because she was afraid, and many people would say she wanted to leave because she was in eastern Tibet, and the judge took her to court, and they issued a affidavit nine months later, and the entire bail judge was released. We have asked him seven times to get him to lift the ban on bail, and every time we apply, we give him time to consider it, but there is no message, every time we say we will not give you bail, because you have a lot of evidence has been tampered with, I have no way to get any information from my children and my family.

If I could contact someone, each of us would be able to change my testimony, why do I have to contact my wife to change my testimony, that’s why you’re suing her, maybe they can communicate with my lawyer under the new ban, we’ll ask each other why i’m talking about this, As if they treated me as if I were no longer a person, as if it were non-human animals or even non-objects, I even explained to them why I had to talk to my wife, so I had no way of answering this question.

I remember only two hours in nine months, communicating with my wife in the presence of my lawyer, and someone being monitored, and this person said sorry to me, I’m embarrassed, but I still want to hear from your wife.

The second point is that I also said that I have a lot of pre-trial cases, in the pre-trial you have a prosecutor, you have a defense lawyer, and three judges, i was actually very naive to think that this judge is the boss, in fact, completely wrong, in fact, the boss is the prosecutor judge (person name), he is a very polite person, But the prosecutor did whatever he wanted, and from what we could see, the prosecutor had been dragging the trial, and even as I had just said, they had not decided on the date of my first charge. They say we can’t put all the terms of your prosecution on a one-off trial, and we’ll have to take it one step at a time. I asked my lawyer how long it would take, my lawyer might take five years, maybe you might have to wait five years before you get the final hearing, and I have an expert here today about human rights, and a quick trial is a right that anyone should have under the Bill of Rights, But I didn’t enjoy a quick trial myself, or even how long it would take them to try me, and we found the judge to be like a show’s controller, and the prosecutor was the boss.

We see that there is actually a 99% success rate of complaints in Japan, I can not be fair trial in this context, if there is no way to wait in Japan for four or five years to live a fair life, or even have no way to look at my own future in four or five years what will happen, may die in Japan, this is not justice, I think I’m a hostage, I’m a hostage to this country, I’ve worked in this country for 17 years, I’ve contributed my career to this country, I’ve turned this company around completely, and for so many years this company has been completely unchallenged, and I’ve brought them 17 years of work, Even think of myself as a model in a Japanese company, and no one can tarnish me.

Suddenly found some prosecutors, to the world said , “This man Ghosn is a greedy dictator, a cold-blooded greedy dictator” and we also launched counter-prosecutions, it should be said that the prosecution of prosecutors for violations of some of the crimes, the motivation of this prosecution is still in the process of review. In some ways I can show you a list of my motivations. This list shows all the misconduct of the prosecutors, and I’ve listed the evidence, facts, data, names and even who represents the prosecutors present at the courthouse, but you all know that my motivation in Tokyo will be ignored, because there’s not any time in Japan, That is, zero counter-prosecution is a successful way, and in Japan it should be said that the acceptance rate of such counter-prosecution is only 0.6%, which is very sad for me.

They also said that they complained to me because I didn’t declare my salary, I didn’t pay taxes, but what I wanted to say is that from Nissan’s point of view, Nissan is actually very gentlemanly, and they say we’re going to pay 9 billion yen as a claim, which is a practice of Nissan as a good citizen of Japan. But they also found that when there was a prosecution against their company, their history completely reversed, and now the documents on the PPT will be provided to you, in Japan, as long as you have this situation, they say you will not be finally convicted, but in this piece also want to tell you three points, and once again tell you, On a global scale, no democracy would have treated me like this, and if you see this picture, it’s a board resolution, for example, a resolution that says, there’s an overseas director or a person, if there’s any thing about overseas staff whocan can declare their wages, This is actually not for the company to have any cost, will not cause any loss, we will ask the question in the end where, in fact, is also continuing to talk about this incident.

(The name) received $14 million, the complaint against him is that he did not do anything in four years, in fact, we signed the contract, we wrote in the contract (the name) of the work, because he and Nissan executives before the document, but there are a lot of articles that say the CEO’s security deposit, it seems to be hidden money hidden in the safe, Give this money to his friends, but not, this margin is part of the company’s budget, you can use part of the budget, this is the CEO’s reserve purpose, for example, there is a vice president to ask the company’s board of directors for money, for example, we have an example, we have a vice president, he wants to apply for money, He wants to explain why to apply for this money, there are a lot of people to approve before agreeing to use the money, such as legal, board of directors, and operators, and finally I need to sign to agree, without my signature can not flow a penny out of the CEO’s reserve, if you agree to the budget can not pay, Payment also goes through a process, including local executive vice presidents, including beneficiaries, and final signings, they’ll say that the CEO’s reserve is a specific amount of money that can be at the CEO’s own discretion, or even to his friends, and there’s no evidence to say that, and we don’t have some evidence of that right now. Because everyone knew that when I was arrested, there were no files and no computers with me, and they were taken away.

I’ve spent all my energy defending myself, and you’ve found that the prosecutor has a lot of evidence against me, and finally I want to show you something else, like we’ve seen a lot of statements, and the Japanese prosecutor has asked a lot of people to make a statement, and when we look at these documents, we’re looking at these documents. , you can all see, I can also provide you to see, when we look at these documents, they will say that the Middle East is a very important region, but the Middle East is Toyota very profitable place, not very fat place for Nissan, where it should be said that many people will buy Korean cars, including Japanese cars, And some cars in Europe don’t have a lot of share in the Middle East.

I would say that the Middle East is actually a very promising market for Nissan, we need to do some innovation when we do business, we have to do some further negotiations with some dealers in the Middle East, they told me we already have some dealers, just support them, and then they will work for us. Every time they actually say that we’re going to have a lot of profits, every time we talk about it, and the other prosecutor says the complaint is that I have a very close relationship with Saudi Arabia, that I have a close relationship with them, and that I’m actually doing things with Dubai and Oman, and what They’re doing with Lebanon and Qatar, They just said i was doing something or dealing with the Saudis, and they even said they paid me more than our competitors, which I think is very important.

This is also being examined by prosecutors or questioned by prosecutors, they don’t even know what this gentleman will say, he certainly denies all his complaints, they know the prosecutor will not believe them, because if you are Ghosn’s accomplice, you will speak to him, I want to say my bank account. All our accounts have been emptied, so any payment is suspected, as long as there is any suspicion, this should have been reported long ago, rather than first in the hands of the prosecutor, we will say what is the story of Kumar, if the breach of the terms of trust, if the money from Nissan to your side, Because a lot of the money is paid directly to another gentleman, not to Kumar, Kumar and this matter has nothing to do with, no remittance from the Nissan show said to benefit from Kumar, the original story to this end, so from this point of view, breach of trust itself from the company law is a violation of the directors law, this matter does not exist at all.

I have to say that you will find that Nissan should say also hired a lot of people, and recently I saw from Bloomberg that they spent $200 million to do research, I just said that 47 million paid To Jufani, in the end it is reasonable, they spent $200 million to put their brand completely out of the picture, Put it all over, sue your own top brass, and take such a risk, and since my arrest, Nissan’s market value has lost $10 billion, and every day I’ve been arrested, they’ve lost $40 million, so since I’ve been arrested, it’s fair to say that 5 billion euros has been lost. That means losing 20 million euros a day.

In fact, a lot of European officials will say we need to define 11 million this undefined expenses, if you have auditors to ask, you need to ask the CEO first, then if you have no problem, no problem, if you have a problem, you should first look for me, say, I pay the money to pay the school support, You should ask me to explain, because from my point of view I have no room for any explanation for the 11 million, I’ve made a 34% profit for Renault, the entire auto industry is up only 12 percent, during which time only Renault and Nissan and Mitsubishi can achieve 12% annual growth, what is the company? The company itself is about creating value, and if we want to create value, the board needs to protect shareholders.

Why, as a Nissan shareholder and as a Renault shareholder, why doesn’t anyone care about me? I’m also a shareholder in both companies, where are the brands of the other two companies? A lot of people ask me if I’m being held for Versailles, first of all, Goon you made a 50th birthday ceremony, versus the Palace of Versailles is a symbol and symbol of globalization, you will find that all foreigners will go here, which is why each of us want to go to the Palace of Versailles. It’s ridiculous, people will say that the event I’m running was a birthday party, I was giving a speech, I was trying to make a statement, I want to appeal to all of us, especially my supporters. Some might say that some of Nissan’s executives weren’t there, and the speech I gave was not aimed at Nissan executives, but at my partners and my friends, who would go to the Palace of Versailles for my birthday party, which was my birthday party, if you invited Japanese and any Chinese audience.

Second, their complaint against me was that we had an unauthorized room reservation at the Palace of Versailles, and in fact we were a big client of the Palace of Versailles, because everyone knew that the Palace of Versailles needed money to maintain their buildings, and they told me mr. Ghosn if you could help us, because I thought you came over to do this activity, It’s also in line with your own image, in line with our image, and I think I agree with his statement, in fact, in that scenario we have already paid more than 1 million euros to the Palace of Versailles, we all know that the image of the Palace of Versailles is here, The head of the Palace of Versailles said you are our big sponsor, you are our friend, the Palace of Versailles in order to thank us for their support over the years, let us use that conference room in particular, many years later suddenly our 15th anniversary of our invitation to participate, I serve in this company 15 years, I thought of the curator of Versailles who had proposed to me at the time that we could use their conference room for a meeting, which was the CNP’s expense.

It says it’s Versailles free for us to use the venue, it’s zero euros, because I thought it was a business deal, normal, because they were grateful for our sponsorship, and of course we had a party there, and we’d have other expenses, 15,000 euros, But someone later said that such a 15,000 yuan expenditure can not be directly by you to pay, must be from Renault’s profits to offset this expenditure, no one told me at that time financial lying, I did not know at that time, because all the staff we use are Versailles staff, Staff at the Palace of Versailles.

They also say I have properties all over the world, but these are Nissan properties, and they say it’s a private property that Nissan secretly owns, and this is the two Nissan executives who signed with them in 2013, and I can use two Nissan houses in Brazil and Lebanon, which are the company’s houses. And i can buy back these two properties after my service is over, it’s not secretly held, it was signed by the company’s executives at the time, and the legal finance and local staff who bought the two properties in the company’s name were signed, so the charge is against my personal style.

And about my sister, said I gave her a contract, and she got a sum of money for nothing she did. Why use them, because she is the president of the Chamber of Commerce in Rio de Janeiro, and he chose Rio de Janeiro as the choice of our new plant, is a great choice for Nissan, why is this thank you, mainly because she made this choice for us to facilitate the location and construction of this new plant, Who signed the document, he said I signed it, he said I didn’t notice, I don’t know I signed the document. But such a dispute, the prosecutor is satisfied, I do not agree.

To the last point of RNBV, they are using Renault’s internal audit team, this audit report came out, Renault did not get the final report before the public, and there are a lot of questions involving me, but did not ask me, directly to the public. If I understand why they are fighting such a judicial war, this audit also completely did not follow the usual audit practices, these are small companies, we seem to feel that Renault, Nissan are some small companies, do not need to use a third-party audit team, just need their internal audit team to say what is it, sign the word, It does not follow normal audit rules that are very careful.

You’ll ask why there’s such an event, what the benefits, who’s going to benefit from it, who’s the ultimate winner, and through 17 years of service, I’ve turned these three Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi into the world’s largest car factory, and the strategy for the future is very clear, and we’re going to talk about it with the Fiat Group, I’ve been talking to them about the merger of some of the two companies, and in 2017 i was having a discussion with them, and now we know that Renault is no longer their choice, and i’ve never made any compromises in my 17 years in charge of the company, and if it’s never done, You have to make sure that everyone is fully engaged, you have to show very strong leadership, otherwise nothing can be done. The alliance of these three companies has now completely collapsed and profits have fallen, and I don’t see any strategic leadership of them, no one believes in the auto-production alliance, and one thing we can see is that Fiat Chrysler chose PSA Peugeot Citroen as their partner, not Renault. Why would they lose such a big opportunity, become the boss of the industry, such a big opportunity, how on earth did you lose it, because the two companies are completely complementary, because of the Goon incident, because of this, now everyone said it was because of my fault, I really can’t believe why this happened, I can’t believe it at all.

I would also like to say that this is not a common event, because Ghosn, the media will also guess that he evades taxes, in fact, there is no tax, but they always lead the media to believe that some is not true, I think they do very bad, a good enterprise should produce good products, there is a good profit so that our shareholders can profit, There’s a good bonus, and they decide, “We’re going to turn Goe’s time over”, and indeed I’m a thing of the past, and Ghosn is a thing of the past, because the company won’t have any growth, no new strategic projects, no new technological innovations, so I find that the fact is that the alliance of the three brands has completely collapsed. There is no future, this is a political background, this is a political event, although they spend a lot of effort in the media, because of a personal violation, I am completely innocent, I deny all the allegations, and I have a lot of evidence, and there is a lot of evidence to show you in the future, I love Japan, the reason I left Japan because I need justice, justice is the only way to wash away my grievances, let people understand my values, if not in Japan to get justice, I will go somewhere else, that’s why I left Japan.

Especially in the Japanese media here, the Japanese media described me as a greedy dictator, cold-blooded, greedy, they described me as a mercenary, I do not like Japan, and I do not like the language. But In fact, I love Japan, I also love the Japanese people, when I walked alone in many parts of Japan, and i didn’t have any bodyguards, I went to the restaurant to the cinema, a lot of Japanese people saw me recognize me and told me that we all sympathize with you, we support you, so at this time, I have no feeling sly lying about this country at all, but the prosecutor is unwilling to believe my argument.

Why do I love Japan, I reinvigorated Nissan, i experienced the financial crisis together, and when Japan experienced the earthquake and tsunami, I was the first to return to Japan as a foreign executive, and I went to the nuclear power plant, because no one dared to go to the disaster area, because there is any radiation, but we have a factory, I went to the factory and the local staff personally said we would rebuild the factory, I love this country very much, I love this company, that’s why I’m fully committed to this job, why I chose Japan to be good for evil, I can’t understand why I’ve done so much for this country, they say I’m greedy, Am I greedy? In 2009, Obama’s advisers, because there was a big problem at the GM plant in the United States, came to invite me to revive GM, which is a true record in the book, and the salary commitment to me is very high, of course, I say very attractive, but I am the captain of this ship, we this ship is going through the storm. I can’t abandon the ship now to escape, if you say I’m greedy, I should have left to accept their invitation, of course I have my own principles.

Third, you said I was a dictator, and in 2018 did you find out I was a dictator? During the 17-year process, many university professors, including the world’s leading business schools, have come to interview me and write books on business management, and no one has found out That I’m a dictator, so why did you find out i was a dictator after 17 years? So it’s something they make up and it’s given to the media, and there’s no reaction, but I can say that we didn’t get accused of living in Japan, and no one thought we were not going to get along, and sometimes you might have the money to have you guilty.