Ukraine Airlines: Senior pilot on crashed flight , little chance of human error

On the evening of January 8 , Ukrainian Airlines sent information on the crew of the crashed flight PS752 (registration number UR-PSR). Ukraine Airlines said it had increased the number of flight crews, taking into account the complexity and duration of the flight. The flight crew included three pilots:

Ukraine Airlines: Senior pilot on crashed flight has little chance of human error

Captain Volodymyr Gaponenko has 11,600 hours of Boeing 737 flight time, of which 5,500 hours are captain.

Oleksiy Naumkin, a flight instructor, has 12,000 hours of Boeing 737 flight time, of which 6,600 hours are captains.

Co-pilot Serhii Khomenko has a 7,600-hour Boeing 737 flight time.

Ihor Sosnovsky, vice president of aviation operations in Ukraine, said in a statement that Tehran airport (take-off and landing aircraft) is not easy. As a result, Ukrainian Airlines has been training Boeing 737 aircraft at the airport for many years to assess pilots’ proficiency and mobility in emergency situations. “According to our records, the flight was up to 2400 metres high, and based on the crew’s experience, there is little chance of a human error, and we don’t even think there’s a chance of a mistake.”

In addition, the crew included six crew members, namely chief flight attendant Ihor Matkov, flight attendants Kateryna Statnik, Mariia Mykytiuk, Valeria Ovcharuk, Yulia Solohub and Denys Lykhno.

On January 8, Ukrainian Airlines flight PS752, which was scheduled to fly from Tehran, Iran, to Kiev, Ukraine, disappeared from radar minutes after taking off from Tehran airport. The plane crashed near Tehran airport.

Earlier in the day, Ukraine Airlines responded to a reporter’s question about the crash  that, according to preliminary statistics, there were 167 passengers and nine crew members on board. Representatives of Ukraine Airlines are currently determining the exact number of passengers on board. After final confirmation, the passenger list will be posted on the official website of Ukraine Airlines.

Ukrainian Airlines announced that it had decided to suspend flights to Tehran from now on until further notice.

In response to the cause of the crash, the response said that as of 9:30 local time, Ukraine Airlines is still working closely with aviation authorities to take all measures to determine the cause of the crash. The response stressed that the accident would be investigated with the participation of Ukrainian and Iranian aviation authorities, representatives of aircraft manufacturer Boeing, airlines, and Ukraine’s National Air Accident Investigation Agency. Upon identification, the airline will immediately inform the investigation of the progress and the cause of the accident.

The flight was carried out by the Boeing 737-800NG (registration number UR-PSR), which was produced and delivered in 2016. The aircraft’s last regular maintenance took place on 6 January 2020.